Zircon Sand Processing Flow

In zircon sand, generally the symbiotic ores include magnetite, Ilmenite, rutile, monazite etc.

The main application of zircon sand is the raw material of zirconate refractory brick, which also can be used for the ceramic casting.
The main production countries for zircon sand are Australia, America, and Brazil.

The coastal sand deposits used for zirconium production in China are distributed in coastal areas such as Hainan Province, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, and the Shandong Peninsula. Large zirconium deposits are distributed in Haifeng, Guangdong and Wanning, Hainan. Most of them are easy to mine and can be comprehensively developed and utilized. Generally, zirconium deposits are buried shallowly and most ore bodies are exposed to the surface, making them suitable for large-scale mechanized mining. Zirconium ore often coexists or is associated with various minerals, and can be comprehensively developed and recycled.

this is the zircon sand content grade chart: 65.5% is the best content (Extreme level), the 55% is the fifth content, generally, we can make your zircon sand to 65%, if you want higher, we can equip one more electrostatic separator for higher content.

Zircon sand separating flow often uses the gravity separating, magnetic separating, electro separating.
1. Gravity separating: spiral chute or shaking table for removing the silica of zircon sand.
2. Magnetic separating: magnetic separator for separating the zircon sand and Ilmenite. The magnetic separator can be wet or dry. When the zircon sand size is 20um, the wet magnetic separator will be effective.
3. Electro separating: double roller electrostatic separator and arc plate electrostatic separator, which are working for separating the rutile and zircon sand.

In a world, comparing copper flotation flow, chrome ore processing flow, gold cip/cil, zircon sand processing flow is very easy to know and operate. Only the power requires is must, because high grade zircon sand recovery must use the electrostatic separator.

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