What Do The Gold Leaching Test?

In the gold mine extraction experiment, we generally divide into 10 experiments to make accurate analysis of gold mines.

1.Grinding fineness test;
2. Pretreatment agent selection test;
3. Protection of alkali lime dosage test;
4. Gold immersion agent dosage test;
5. Leaching time test;

6. Slurry concentration test;
7. Activated carbon pretreatment test;
8. Bottom carbon density test;
9. Carbon adsorption time test;
10. Carbon leaching process comprehensive conditions parallel test.

At this point, a complete carbon slurry leaching gold ore test ore dressing process test study is complete, of course, sometimes it is necessary to carry out carbon leaching according to the actual production needs.

Process tail water (lean liquid) return utilization test, carbon deposition slag sedimentation velocity measurement, and the like.

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