Meet our experts

Sheng Shanying

Mineral analysis technician, senior engineer in chemical analysis

Liu Wenlin

Senior Mining Engineer and Chief Engineer of Design Institute

Liu Zhihua

Senior Engineer and Chief Design Engineer in Mineral Processing

Wang Xiaodong

Professor level Senior Engineer and Dean of Mineral Processing Research Institute

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Professional Team

The team is composed of experienced ore dressing engineers, technical personnel, and operators who possess profound ore dressing knowledge and practical experience, and can provide professional solutions for customers.

Customized Services

The team provides customized beneficiation processes and solutions based on the specific needs and ore characteristics of customers, in order to maximize the recovery rate and product quality of ore.

Strict Quality Control

The Xi'an United Mineral Processing Technology Expert Team focuses on quality control and implements a strict quality management system at every stage from raw material procurement to product delivery, ensuring that products meet international standards.

Environmental awareness

In the mineral processing process, the team pays attention to environmental protection, takes measures to reduce the impact on the environment, and achieves sustainable development.

Continuous learning and improvement

The team continuously pays attention to the latest technologies and development trends in the field of mineral processing, and enhances its technical strength and competitiveness through continuous learning and improvement.

Customer First

Xi'an United Mineral Processing Technology Expert Team always puts customer needs first, with customer satisfaction as the goal, providing high-quality products and services.

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