Take You To Know The Flotation Process Of Mining Industry

Flotation process refers to the total name of ore pulp flowing through each operation during ore flotation. Different types of ores should be treated by different processes, so the processes can reflect the technological characteristics of the ores to be treated. The process of concentrator should be improved in time according to the change of ore properties and the adoption of new process methods, so as to improve the technical and economic indexes. The flotation process includes two aspects: Flotation principle process and internal structure of flotation process.

Flotation Principle Flow
The flotation principle process involves various principle schemes for ore treatment, such as the number of sections in the flotation process, flotation cycle and mineral separation sequence.

1. Number of flotation process sections
The number of sections in the flotation process refers to the number of times that grinding and flotation are combined. Generally, grinding once and flotation once are called one-stage grinding process. Generally, there are several useful minerals in the ore. after one grinding, different minerals are selected separately, and several floatation is required, which is still called one grinding process. When the particle size of mineral inlay is relatively fine, flotation can only be carried out after more than two times of grinding, and there is no flotation between the two times of grinding, it is still called one-stage grinding process. The particle size in beneficiation is actually controlled by grinding. In order to ensure the full dissociation of useful minerals and prevent them from over crushing as much as possible, different types of flotation flow sections can be adopted according to the impregnation characteristics of useful minerals. There are two types of grinding process: one is a stage grinding process and the other is a stage grinding process.

(1) One stage grinding process. One stage grinding and flotation process is also called one stage grinding and flotation process. This process can be used when the useful minerals in ore are evenly distributed. If the inlay particle size is coarse, it can only be grinded once. If the inlay particle size is fine and uniform, it can be grinded twice and then separated;
(2) Stage grinding process. The stage grinding and separation process can be divided into two-stage grinding and separation process and multi-stage grinding and separation process. Its selection and application are determined by the particle size characteristics of mineral inlay and the tendency of sliming. The two-stage grinding process is commonly used.



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Take You To Know The Flotation Process Of Mining Industry
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