Zirconium ore gravity separation+magnetic separation process

Zirconium ore gravity separation+magnetic separation process

At present, there are only about 10 types of zirconium minerals with industrial value, mainly including zircon, hafnium containing zircon, and anisotropic minerals. The commonly used beneficiation methods include gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, and flotation.

Gravity separation+magnetic separation process: Generally, the raw ore of sand ore is first screened to remove coarse sand without ore such as shells and gravel, and then a large amount of tailings are discarded through gravity separation. The coarse concentrate is separated by magnetic separation to obtain zircon concentrate and magnetic products.

Process characteristics: simple process and mature equipment.

Typical beneficiation plant

The Haizhou Zirconia Mineral Processing Plant in North Korea is a typical coastal placer mine, with raw ore containing magnetite, ilmenite, zircon, and a small amount of monazite. The specific process is as follows: