vibrating screen feeder


Name: Vibrating Feeder, vibrating screen feeder
Motor power: 3kW
Processing capacity: 80—800t/h
Application: Widely used in crushing and screening combined equipment in mineral processing, building materials, silicate, and chemical industries.
Structure: The vibrating feeder is composed of a feeding trough, a vibration exciter, spring support, and a transmission device.

Vibrating feeders are inertial vibration mining equipment with vibration motors as their excitation sources. They are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal, and other mining industries. The equipment is ideal for discharging, feeding, and loading of ore and other materials.

1. Long service life and stable vibration;
2. At any time, the exciting force can be changed and the flow can be controlled;
3. The power consumption is low and the noise level is low;
4. Easy installation and use due to its simple structure.

Working Principle
Vibration exciters are the source of vibration for the vibrating feeding of the tank body. It consists of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gears. The main shaft and passive shaft rotate in opposite directions simultaneously, so that the tank body vibrates, ensuring that the material flows continuously and achieving the purpose of conveying the material.
A vibration motor drives the vibrating drawer table and the material in a straight line in a periodic pattern via centrifugal force generated by eccentric blocks installed at both ends of the main shaft of the vibration motor. When the vertical acceleration of the vibration of the draw body is greater than gravity’s acceleration, the material in the body is thrown up and jumps forward according to the parabola trajectory. In an instant, the throwing and falling are completed. With the continuous vibration of the vibration motor, the draw body jumps forward continuously, thereby achieving the purpose of drawing ore and conveying it.

Product Classification of Vibrating Screen Feeder:
Depending on whether the ore is evenly broken, the block size is small, and the fluidity is good, either a swing feeder or a wave feeder can be used. Due to its tendency to be blocked by arching and the need for secondary crushing, it is suitable for elliptical vibration and directional vibration.

It is a two-mass vibration feeder using near-resonance inertial vibration of two masses. Two or three rows of shearing rubber springs are arranged up and down, the lower pressure plate is bolted to the balance body, and the left and right side plates are attached to the tank. The machine features a compact structure, balanced pressure, stable start, unaffected by material load and stuck in the tank, and is capable of feeding granularity (0-850mm), a large quantity (8-1800t/h), as well as remote computer operation.

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