Three disk belt electromagnetic separator

Minerals and ores with weak magnetic properties are separated using a 3-disc electromagnetic separator. It is a very important mineral processing equipment.
Three-coil magnetic separators have stable performance, strong adaptability, and ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.


Name: Three disk belt electromagnetic separator, electromagnetic conveyor belt, belt electromagnetic separator
Feeding force: < 2ml
Processing capacity: 80-800kg/h
Strong magnetic intensity: 1700-2000 Haote
Motor power: 1.5kw
Wet magnetic separators are commonly used to separate magnetite, pyrrhotite, ilmenite and other materials, and to remove iron from coal, non-metal, building materials, and other materials.
Main structure: a mineral device, a weak magnetic roller, transmission part, a conveyor wheel, an electromagnetic system, a frame, etc. The electric control part consists of control, voltage regulation, rectifying, an instrument and other components.

Three disk belt magnetic separators are used to separate weak magnetic minerals and rare metal ores with a size of less than 2-3mm. It is an important beneficiation machine. There are two types of three disk belt magnetic separators: CP-500 and CP-600. Dry three-disc high-intensity magnetic separators are used to separate mixed minerals of various magnetic minerals. Various magnetic field induction strengths can be obtained by adjusting the excitation current of disks at all levels in accordance with the magnetic differences of various minerals to achieve a one-time separation of various minerals. It is widely used in the dry separation of ilmenite, monazite, tungsten tin tantalum niobium ore, and other magnetic and non-magnetic minerals.

Product Features:
1. The magnetic field strength is adjustable, and for efficient separation, the magnetic field can be adjusted depending on the raw materials.
2. A magnetic field strength of 2W Gauss can be achieved.
3. Good sorting efficiency and long service life.
4. The three-disk magnetic separator has a reasonable structure, a small floor area, a simple operation and maintenance procedure, and can separate strong magnetic, weak magnetic, non-magnetic and other minerals at the same time, which is suitable for dry mining in areas with limited water supply.
5. The main machine is composed of three parts: feeding, transmission, and magnetic field.
6. The electric control system comprises a power supply, control, rectification, and working indication.

1. After screening the dry material, feed to the hopper, size ≤2mm.
2. Adjust the space of the magnetic disc according to different ore.
3. Supply power to console by switching
4. Start motor and magnetic switch.
5. Start feeding valve, feeding the material to the conveyor belt.
6. Stop feeding before shutting down the machine.

Capacity600-1000kg/hMagnetic Pan Qty3 pieceMagnetic Pan Rotary Speed36r/min
Magnetic Field Intensity18000 GaussPower Supply380vFeeding Width600mm
Raw Material Size≤2mmMotor Power2.2kwDimension3100*770*1200mm
Magnetic Pan Diameter600mmDirect-current Power3KVAWeight2100kg

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