Rutile electric separation+magnetic separation+gravity separation process

Rutile electric separation+magnetic separation+gravity separation process

At present, industrial production mainly includes rutile, ilmenite, rutile, and perovskite; Most natural rutile is used for the production of titanium dioxide and metallic titanium, while ilmenite is generally processed and processed into synthetic rutile to produce titanium dioxide and metallic titanium. The beneficiation methods can be divided into two categories: ilmenite beneficiation and rutile beneficiation.

The beneficiation process of ilmenite mainly depends on the deposit and ore properties. The primary ilmenite beneficiation process is mainly divided into two parts: iron beneficiation and titanium beneficiation. Iron beneficiation is mainly carried out through magnetic separation, and the titanium beneficiation process includes magnetic separation, flotation, gravity separation electric separation, gravity separation magnetic separation flotation processes, etc; The beneficiation process of placer ilmenite is divided into two parts: rough selection and selection. Rough selection generally uses ore washing or gravity selection, while selection often uses methods such as magnetic separation and electric separation.
Due to low grade, fine particle size, and high impurities, primary rutile ore is often treated using methods such as gravity magnetic separation, gravity magnetic separation electrical separation, gravity magnetic separation flotation, flotation magnetic separation, as well as roasting and acid washing; Placer rutile is generally progressiveness ore washing or gravity separation, and coarse concentrate is further separated and enriched by magnetic separation, electric separation, gravity separation and other methods.

Electric separation+magnetic separation+gravity separation process: After the raw ore is crushed and ground, the crude concentrate product is first obtained. After the crude concentrate is dried, the material is divided into two categories with different conductivity using electric separation. Then, magnetic separation and gravity separation are carried out on the two types of products separately.

Process characteristics: mature equipment, simple process, and low pollution.

Typical beneficiation plant

The Nale Cooper beneficiation plant in Australia mainly contains useful minerals such as zircon, rutile, perovskite, ilmenite, etc. The selection process is as follows: