Pre treatment process of arsenic gold ore oxidation roasting

Pre treatment process of arsenic gold ore oxidation roasting

Arsenic containing gold ore mainly contains arsenopyrite, orpiment, and realgar. Among them, pyrrhotite is very common as it is a gold bearing mineral. Gold is often encapsulated in a fine-grained state, which makes it difficult to effectively leach the gold using cyanide method. To effectively improve the gold recovery rate, it is necessary to first carry out arsenic removal treatment on this type of gold deposit.

Process flow

  • 1.Raw material preparation:Crush and grind sulfide ores containing Fe, Cu, Au, etc. to achieve appropriate fineness for the oxidation roasting process.
  • 2.Oxidation roasting:The crushed ore is sent to the roasting furnace for oxidation roasting. Under high temperature conditions (usually between 850 ° C and 1000 ° C), sulfide minerals decompose and metal sulfides are oxidized into metal oxides.
  • 3.Gas treatment:During the roasting process, toxic gases such as SO2 and As2O3 are generated, which need to be recovered and purified through a gas treatment system to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • 4.Cooling and crushing:The ore after oxidation roasting needs to be cooled and crushed for subsequent leaching and extraction processes.
  • 5.Leaching:Cyanide leaching is carried out on the crushed ore to extract metals such as gold and copper.
  • 6.Extraction and refining:Metal is extracted from the leaching solution through solvent extraction, electrowinning, and other methods, and refined to obtain high-purity metal products.

Technological advantages

  • 1.Improve metal recovery rate:The oxidation roasting method can effectively convert metal sulfides into metal oxides, facilitating subsequent leaching and extraction processes, thereby improving the metal recovery rate.
  • 2.Reduce tailings production:Through oxidation roasting, some harmful elements such as arsenic and sulfur volatilize in gaseous form, reducing tailings production and environmental pollution.
  • 3.Comprehensive utilization of resources:The oxidation roasting method can not only treat sulfide ores, but also other types of metal ores, achieving comprehensive utilization of resources.
  • 4.Environmental benefits:Through effective gas treatment systems, toxic gases can be recovered and purified, reducing their impact on the environment and meeting the requirements of green environmental protection.
  • The oxidation roasting method has a high metal recovery rate and environmental benefits in the treatment of sulfide ores containing Fe, Cu, Au, etc. It is an effective metal extraction process.