Phosphate ore gravity+magnetic separation combined process

Phosphate ore gravity+magnetic separation combined process

The phosphate ore gravity magnetic separation process is a process used to treat phosphate ores with significant density differences between gangue minerals and phosphate minerals, as well as magnetic minerals such as iron and titanium. The main advantage of this process is that it does not require chemical agents and is simple.

Phosphate ore gravity and magnetic separation combined process flow

  • 1.Ore crushing:Crush the phosphate ore to a suitable particle size for subsequent processing.
  • 2.Gravity beneficiation:Re select the crushed ore. During the re selection process, the density difference between phosphate ore and gangue minerals is utilized to separate phosphate minerals from the slurry. The commonly used re selection methods include hydrocyclones, spiral concentrators, jigs, etc.
  • 3.magnetic separation:Perform magnetic separation on the re selected concentrate. During the magnetic separation process, magnetic minerals (such as magnetite and ilmenite) are separated from the concentrate using a magnetic separator.
  • 4.Concentrate processing:Further processing of the concentrate after magnetic separation to improve its purity and quality.

Technological advantages

  • 1.No need for chemical agents:The phosphate ore gravity magnetic separation process does not require the addition of chemical agents, thereby reducing environmental pollution and production costs.
  • 2.Simple process:The phosphate ore gravity magnetic separation process is relatively simple and does not require complex chemical reactions or chemical additives, making it easy to operate and manage.
  • 3.Improve resource utilization:Through the process of phosphate ore gravity magnetic separation, valuable minerals in phosphate ore can be effectively recovered and utilized, improving resource utilization efficiency.

Typical beneficiation plant

Hubei Yichang Shanshuya Phosphate Mineral Processing Plant: The main useful minerals in the ore are fluoroapatite and carbon fluoroapatite, while the gangue minerals are mainly dolomite hydromica, quartz, and iron ore. The specific process is as follows: