mining pendulum feeder

Tilting ore feeder pendulum is the auxiliary equipment of transport machinery, it is suitable for short distances, and according to a certain amount of small and large proportion of materials.
The feeding size of the mining pendulum feeder is below 35~100mm, which is not suitable for viscous materials.


Name: pendulum feeder, Swaying Feeder, oscillating feeder, mining pendulum feeder
Motor power: 1.5-3kw
Feeding particle size: 35-50mm
Production capacity: 3-12t / h
Application: Pendulum feeders are suitable for transferring granular materials from storage tanks into a variety of receiving devices through funnels in beneficiation, coal, chemical, and other industries.

Swaying feeder, which is also called pendulums, are auxiliary equipment for transportation machinery. The conveyor is suitable for conveying small pieces of material with large proportions according to a certain amount, and its feeding particle size is less than 35100 mm. Pendulum feeders are widely used in factories, mines, and other departments to deliver block materials from silos or funnels to different types of receiving devices.

Working principle
Through the V-belt reducer, the motor decelerates, and the decelerating power is transmitted to the eccentric wheel. The eccentric wheel drives the swing bottom plate to swing through the connecting rod. Ore in the ore bin above the feeder passes through the inner cavity of the feeder body and is discharged at a constant speed from the discharge port of the machine to ensure uniform feeding to the ball mill. Pendulum feeder equipment includes trough feeders, electromagnetic vibration feeders, and other feeding equipment.

In abrasive, as well as other industries, the pendulum feeder can be used to crush and screen materials. From the storage bin to the receiving device, the pendulum feeder can evenly, regularly, and continuously transport block and granular materials. As part of a sand and stone production line, it can continuously feed the crushing machinery and coarse screen the materials.

Pendulum feeder 600 × 600 structure
The swaying feeder type of feeder is ideal for feeding fine-grained (generally less than 50mm) ore and is widely used for ore discharge from grinding bins. Its structure is shown in the figure below.

A sector gate is installed at the ore discharge port of the ore bin. As the gate swings, it is decelerated by the motor through the worm gear and decelerated by the eccentric shaft and pull rod belt. Gate forward, ore discharge port closed, gate backward and ore discharge port open for ore unloading. Therefore, this feeder can feed ore intermittently and evenly.
The tilting feeder has a simple structure and easy management, but its accuracy is poor, the ore feeding is discontinuous, and measuring it is difficult. The eccentricity of the eccentric wheel can be adjusted to adjust its ore feeding capacity.

Adjustment of ore feeding amount
Changing the eccentricity of the eccentric pin shaft on the eccentric wheel can change the stroke length of the swing base plate, change the feeding amount in a wide range, change the height of the discharge gate, change the size of the discharge port, and accurately adjust the feeding amount.

ModelCapacity(m3/h)Maximum feeding size


Eccentric distance


Swing speed(t/min)Swing stroke

( mm)












Installation and maintenance

Generally, the tilting feeder is hoisted under the silo. As the tilting feeder feeds the silo, its discharge port faces the tilting feeder. A chute connects the feeding belt conveyor to the tilting feeder. Before starting the tilting feeder, the fuel must be refilled. Add gear oil into the reducer. Lubricate other parts with grease. The oil cup should be filled with butter once a shift. The oil of the reducer shall be changed every six months. After adjusting the feeding amount each time, tighten the fixing bolts to prevent the change of feeding amount caused by looseness during operation.

Maintenance considerations
(1) Pay attention to the wear of moving parts.
(2) Always check whether the lubricant of each bearing reducer is lacking. According to the actual use situation, the reducer can be changed once in January or February.
(3) It is not allowed to perform the work of the adjusting device during the operation of the machine.
(4) When the machine breaks down or there is inflexibility in movement, first turn off the motor and remove it after stopping.
(5) Always keep the inside and outside of the machine clean.

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