Mining trough feeder

Ore feeder is a periodic reciprocating feeder for bulk materials.

A vibration chute feeder can be installed in various ways, that is, it can be erected on the ground or hoisted on the discharge port of the mine bin.


Name: feederdo chute feeders,Chute Feeder,
Feed port size: 980mm
Weight: 1700kg
Production capacity: 10-90t / h
Application site:A uniform and continuous feed from silos to crushing, transportation, and other machinery is widely used in mining, processing plants, chemical industries, cement, and building materials departments.

A trough Chute Feeder, also known as a reciprocating or swing feeder, is Chute Feeder equipment used earlier in ore storage tank discharge. The structure of these chutes differs from type to type, but they all have adjusting rams that control the height of the material layer; The lower portion of the conveying chute is a feed plate that moves back and forth. The difference is that the angle of the feeding plate is different. In general, it is inclined downward by 5 degrees along the unloading direction, with a greater inclination angle (less than the static stacking angle of the material) and a horizontal type. Back and forth reciprocating movements, shaking movements, and swing movements are some of the actions of the feed plate. All transmission mechanisms are crank rotary type.

Trough feeder 1 – sector regulating ram; 2 – conveying trough plate; 3 – feed plate; 4 – roller; 5 – crank connecting rod; 6 – transmission.

Working principle

The main components of the machine are the following: motor, reducer, coupling, eccentric mechanism, leakage plate, slot frame, roller, etc. It is generally located at the lower part of the discharge port of the silo, and the ore falls into a leakage plate at the bottom of the tank. A bottom leakage plate is mounted on a roller, which is connected to the reducer of the double output shaft through an eccentric mechanism and then to the motor through a coupling. The reducer is driven by the motor through the magnetic coupling, and the eccentric disc and leakage disc of the equipment at the bottom of the slot frame and between the rollers move back and forth in a straight line so that the feed is uniform.

A stroke of 20-60 times / min is made by the bottom plate of the groove, which moves from 20-200mm. It is possible to adjust the stroke using the eccentric wheel of the driving device, and the eccentric distance is half of the stroke. For viscous ore, the eccentricity should not be less than 30mm, as per the production practice of some concentrators. About 2-2.5 times the feeding particle size is the width of the trough of the trough feeder. The trough feeder can meet the feeding of iron ore with particle size less than 500mm. The selected specification is 980 * 1240 trough feeder with feeding particle size of 350-0mm, which is suitable for feeding equipment of 400 * 600 jaw crusher.

ModelOutlet dimension(mm)Max feeding size(mm)Feed capacity(t/h)Motor modelMotor power(kw)Weight(kg)


  • There are various installation methods, which can be erected on the ground or erected on top of the ore bin’s discharge port;
  • The Chute Feeder amount and adjustment speed can be changed quickly and accurately, and the operation is convenient;
  • It is small, therefore saving space and reducing installation costs.

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