Mineral processing technology for granite type feldspar

Mineral processing technology for granite type feldspar

Feldspar is one of the important raw materials in the fields of ceramics, glass, etc. It is widely distributed in nature and can be divided into pegmatite type feldspar and magmatic rock type feldspar according to their genesis. According to the different properties of feldspar deposits, their beneficiation processes and equipment also vary. This article will introduce the beneficiation methods, processes, and equipment of feldspar ore to you!

The beneficiation process flow of granite type feldspar

1.Crushing operation:

  • Coarse crushing and crushing:Granite type feldspar ore is first subjected to coarse crushing, breaking large pieces of ore into small pieces. Then, the small pieces of ore are further crushed into finer particles.

2.Grinding operations:

  • Determination of particle size of grinding products:The particle size of grinding products needs to be determined based on mineral composition to ensure the efficiency of flotation operations.

3.Graded homework:

  • Desliming:If the content of impurities such as mica and iron in the ore is low, after graded desliming, it directly enters the flotation separation operation of quartz and feldspar.

4.Flotation (iron and mica removal) operation:

  • Flotation removal of iron and mica:If the content of impurities such as mica and iron in the ore is high, the flotation removal of iron and mica should be carried out first. This usually uses specific flotation reagents to achieve preferential flotation of iron and mica.

5.Flotation (separation of quartz and feldspar) operation:

  • Separation of quartz and feldspar:After removing iron and mica, the separation flotation operation of quartz and feldspar is carried out. This usually uses different flotation reagents to achieve effective separation of quartz and feldspar.

Technological advantages

  • 1. Efficient Separation:The granite type feldspar beneficiation process can effectively separate quartz and feldspar, improve the grade and recovery rate of feldspar.
  • 2.Flexible Adaptation:Based on the content of impurities such as mica and iron in the ore, different flotation sequences and reagents can be selected to adapt to different ore characteristics.
  • 3.Improve product quality:Through precise flotation operations, impurities such as iron and mica can be effectively removed, further improving the quality of feldspar products.
  • 4.Energy conservation and environmental protection:Throughout the entire process, the selection and operation of beneficiation equipment pay attention to energy efficiency ratio, which helps to reduce energy consumption and minimize the impact on the environment
  • The granite type feldspar beneficiation process has advantages such as efficient separation, flexible adaptation, improved product quality, and energy conservation and environmental protection, providing strong support for the development and utilization of granite type feldspar deposits.