metal melting furnace

The German original IGBT+CPU electric metal melting furnace power supply is used to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Melting and smelting furnaces are composed of frequency conversion devices, furnace bodies, furnace front control, and other parts.


Induction electric metal melting furnace that use electromagnetic induction to heat metal include the intermediate frequency induction furnace, intermediate frequency heating furnace, and intermediate frequency heating induction furnace. It is an induction heating equipment for metal that belongs to a type of medium frequency furnace. It is commonly used for heating before forging and for tempering metal, and the temperature is generally not higher than 1600 °C

Electric metal melting furnace is a typical medium frequency device for making three-phase industry frequency electric convert to single-phase medium frequency electric. It can use electric magnetic induction to make the metal produce eddy consumption so that it can heat and melt.

The medium frequency furnace is used for metal melting, with short melting time. Gold, silver, copper, nickel, glass, aluminum and aluminum alloys are melted for 2-6 minutes, and steel and stainless steel are melted for 5-10 minutes; The equipment is simple and easy to install and operate;
1. Heat treatment: local or overall quenching, annealing, tempering and diathermy of various metals;
2. Hot forging and hot forming: whole forging, local forging, hot upsetting and hot rolling of various metal bars.
3. Welding: brazing of various metal products, welding of various cemented carbide, saw blade sawtooth, welding of steel pipe and copper pipe, welding of same and different metals;
4. Metal smelting: the (vacuum) smelting of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals, powder metallurgy sintering and metal smelting.
5. Other applications: (motor rotor) heat fit, bottle mouth heat seal, toothpaste skin heat seal, powder coating, metal implant plastic and other occasions requiring metal heating.

In electric metal melting furnace, what are the advantages of intermediate frequency furnaces?

①In addition to its simple operation, fast temperature rise, and low energy consumption, the medium frequency furnace can ensure an optimal melting process and reduce the complexity of furnace workers’ jobs. Modern technologies, new materials, and new processes are making medium frequency furnaces more and more effective, showing stronger and stronger vitality, and bringing about remarkable social and economic benefits.

②In terms of frequency conversion equipment, the original controllable Silicon intermediate frequency device takes full advantage of its advantages of light weight, high efficiency, fast start-up, power savings, fast melting speed, and simple manufacturing processes. Using a frequency automatic tracking system, it is able to automatically modify frequency with the change of load without switching capacitors. The intermediate frequency furnace has adopted an advanced IGBT frequency conversion induction heating device, which offers high component density, outstanding performance, easier start-up, easier use, simpler maintenance, and less floor space requirements.

③The furnace body and lining of the intermediate frequency furnace are made from new structures and new materials, and the parts close to the sensor coil are isolated by high-insulating and high-strength materials, which considerably extends the service life of the Crucible and Furnace Village and makes Crucible replacement easier. Graphite crucibles and quartz crucibles are more efficient at heating than refractory crucibles, which helps shorten melting times and reduce heat losses. The highest temperature of the intermediate frequency furnace is °C, making it especially suitable for melting platinum, gold, K-gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and others, with an electrical efficiency of 90*95, which provides ideal economic benefits.

④Furthermore, compared with other types of smelting furnaces, the intermediate frequency furnaces use electromagnetic induction to heat the metal. So the heating and melting are fast, and there is no need to melt blocks and residual metal liquid. Adding crushed or small materials is the only way to melt it, making it perfect for intermittent operation and frequent changes of metal grades, and it has excellent adaptability and flexibility.

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