Magnetic separation and flotation process of fluorocarbon cerium ore

Magnetic separation and flotation process of fluorocarbon cerium ore

The magnetic separation process of rare earth fluorocarbon cerium ore is a process that utilizes the physical properties differences between magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals in the ore to achieve separation. This process is suitable for processing ores with more magnetic minerals. Magnetic separation can be used to select magnetic minerals, thereby reducing the complexity of the selected materials and improving flotation efficiency.

Process flow of magnetic separation flotation of fluorocarbon cerium ore

  • 1.Magnetic Separation:In the magnetic separation stage, the ore is first fed into the magnetic separator. The strong magnetic field generated by the magnetic separator will attract and separate magnetic minerals (such as magnetite), while non-magnetic minerals (such as fluorocarbon cerium ore) are not affected by the magnetic field and continue to flow. In this way, magnetic minerals are selected, and non-magnetic minerals enter the next stage.
  • 2.Concentration:The tailings after magnetic separation contain a large amount of non-magnetic minerals, but may also contain a certain amount of rare earth minerals. These tailings are sent to concentration equipment, such as thickeners or thickeners, to remove impurities and excess water through hydraulic flushing and other methods, thereby increasing the concentration of rare earth minerals. The concentrated tailings are used as selected rare earth raw materials for subsequent flotation processes.
  • 3.Flotation:The concentrated rare earth raw materials enter the flotation stage. Flotation is a method of using reagents to separate target minerals from gangue minerals. In the flotation process, specific flotation agents, such as collectors and foaming agents, are added to adjust the properties of the pulp so that rare earth minerals can float to the pulp surface to form a foam layer. The rare earth minerals in the foam layer are then collected and dried to finally obtain rare earth concentrate.

Process characteristics

  • 1Reduce the complexity of selected materials:By removing magnetic minerals through magnetic separation, the complexity of selected materials is reduced, which is beneficial for subsequent flotation processes.
  • 2.Improving flotation efficiency:Magnetic separation process can remove some impurity minerals, thereby reducing the consumption of flotation reagents, improving flotation efficiency and rare earth recovery rate.
  • 3.Improving Resource Utilization:Through the combined process of magnetic separation and flotation, rare earth resources can be more effectively utilized, improving resource utilization efficiency.
  • The magnetic separation process of rare earth fluorocarbon cerium ore is suitable for processing ores with more magnetic minerals, which can reduce the complexity of the selected materials, improve flotation efficiency, and thus improve the utilization and recovery rate of rare earth resources.

Typical beneficiation plant

Dechang Rare Earth Ore Dressing Plant: This mine is a large single fluorocarbon cerium ore rare earth deposit, with complex gangue minerals, including galena, strontium barite, fluorite, etc., which can be comprehensively utilized. The ore structure and embedding are complex, with severe weathering and high mud conversion rate. Some rare earth minerals are distributed in fine mud.