Lithium ore reverse flotation process

Lithium ore reverse flotation process

The lithium ore reverse flotation process is a flotation method used to extract lithium from lithium ore. This method creates an alkaline environment and uses different chemical reagents to selectively flotation lithium minerals and gangue minerals.

process flow

  • 1.Raw ore fine grinding:First, the lithium ore is finely ground for flotation treatment. During the fine grinding process, it is necessary to avoid over grinding as much as possible to prevent the occurrence of mud formation.
  • 2.Alkaline environment creation:Adding lime (calcium hydroxide) to the slurry to create an alkaline environment. Alkaline media helps to improve the floatability of lithium minerals.
  • 3.Inhibitor addition:In order to inhibit the upward movement of lithium minerals, inhibitors such as starch are added. These inhibitors can interact with the surface of lithium minerals to prevent their flotation and flotation.
  • 4.Cationic collector addition:Add cationic collectors, such as fatty acid salts, to the slurry. These collectors can interact with the surface of silicate gangue minerals, causing them to float upwards.
  • 5.Flotation:Flotation treatment is carried out using a flotation machine to separate lithium minerals from other minerals. During flotation, lithium minerals will form foam with collectors, and then collect lithium minerals in foam layer through foam separator.
  • 6.Removal of impurities:If lithium ore contains impurities such as iron minerals, foaming agents (such as resin salts) can be added to further help remove these impurities.
  • 7.Lithium concentrate extraction:The lithium mineral after flotation is the lithium concentrate, which can be directly used for further processing and extraction.

Technological advantages

  • Efficient Extraction:The lithium ore reverse flotation process can efficiently extract lithium from lithium ore, improving the grade and recovery rate of lithium.
  • Selective flotation:By using different chemical reagents, selective flotation of lithium minerals and gangue minerals can be achieved, thereby improving the quality of lithium concentrate.
  • Strong adaptability:This process is suitable for the extraction of various lithium ores and has strong adaptability.
  • Easy to operate:The process flow is relatively simple, with fewer operating steps and lower technical requirements for operators.
  • Environmental Protection:This process uses relatively few chemical reagents and has a relatively small impact on the environment.
  • The reverse flotation process of lithium ore is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate lithium extraction method, suitable for large-scale development and utilization of lithium ore.