Lithium ore manual selection+gravity selection+flotation process

Lithium ore manual selection+gravity selection+flotation process

There are about 30 types of minerals mainly composed of lithium, with typical lithium minerals including spodumene, lithium mica, and perovskite; At present, the most utilized lithium resources are mainly pegmatite deposits and brine deposits. The lithium containing minerals in pegmatite deposits mainly include spodumene and lithium mica, while the development of brine lithium resources mainly involves carbonate and sulfate.

Due to its inherent occurrence state and other reasons, the beneficiation process of lithium ore is relatively complex. Its development mainly revolves around the processing and purification of spodumene, perovskite, and lithium mica; The main methods for spodumene beneficiation include manual selection, flotation, thermal cracking, gravity separation, magnetic separation, etc; The main beneficiation methods for lithium mica include manual selection, flotation, and gravity selection.

The cost of extracting lithium from salt lake brine is much lower than that from ore, and it has become the dominant industry in the world. The main processes for extracting lithium from salt lakes include precipitation, ion exchange adsorption, solvent extraction, etc.

Manual selection+gravity selection+flotation process: After crushing the raw ore, the large ore is first manually selected, throwing away some waste rock, and then entering the grinding process. The grinding product first separates high-density minerals from low-density minerals through gravity selection, and then enters the flotation process.

Process characteristics: Good product quality and diverse product types.

Typical beneficiation plant

The Xinjiang Keketuohai Lithium Beryllium Niobium Tantalum Dressing Plant mainly contains metal minerals such as spodumene, lithium mica, beryl, niobium iron ore, tantalum iron ore, etc. The main non-metallic minerals include feldspar, quartz, mica, garnet, etc. The production process is as follows:;