Lithium ore magnetic separation process

Lithium ore magnetic separation process

Lithium ore magnetic separation process is a process used to remove iron impurities from lithium concentrate or to separate weakly magnetic iron lithium mica. This process is mainly based on the lithium pyroxene concentrate obtained by flotation, and removes iron containing impurity minerals through strong magnetic separation to obtain low iron lithium pyroxene concentrate.

process flow

  • 1.Flotation:Firstly, finely grind the lithium ore for flotation treatment. Then, during the flotation process, appropriate flotation and adjustment agents are used to separate lithium minerals from gangue minerals and obtain spodumene concentrate.
  • 2.Strong magnetic separation:Perform strong magnetic separation on the lithium pyroxene concentrate obtained from flotation. Due to the weak magnetism of iron containing impurity minerals in spodumene, these minerals can be effectively separated from spodumene through strong magnetic separation. Strong magnetic separation is usually carried out using a wet strong magnetic separator, which adjusts parameters such as magnetic field strength and magnetic separation speed to achieve the removal of iron containing impurities.
  • 3. Concentrate washing and drying:The spodumene concentrate after magnetic separation needs to be washed to remove suspended solids and excess flotation agents from the concentrate. Then, dry the washed concentrate to obtain a dry low iron spodumene concentrate.

Technological advantages

  • Efficient removal of iron impurities:Through strong magnetic separation, iron containing impurities in spodumene concentrate can be efficiently removed, improving the quality of lithium concentrate.
  • Improving lithium recovery rate:Magnetic separation process can effectively recover lithium from spodumene concentrate and improve lithium recovery rate.
  • Simplify subsequent processes:By removing iron impurities, the subsequent lithium extraction and processing processes can be simplified, reducing production costs.
  • Environmentally friendly:The magnetic separation process uses fewer chemical reagents and has a relatively small impact on the environment.
  • Lithium ore magnetic separation process is an efficient and environmentally friendly lithium concentrate treatment method, suitable for removing iron impurities in lithium concentrate or separating weakly magnetic iron lithium mica. Through this process, high-quality low iron spodumene concentrate can be obtained, providing good raw materials for lithium extraction and processing.