Inflatable flotation machine

Pneumatic mechanical agitation flotation machine
The mechanical agitator (rotor-stator group) of the aerated agitation flotation machine only plays the role of stirring slurry and dispersing and distributing airflow, and the air is pumped in by the low-pressure fan attached to the outside.
The use of centrifugal blower (pressure is 0.245kg/cm2) air supply, at best size according to the process requirements in a certain range of adjustment;


Name: Inflatable Type Subaeration Flotation Machine,inflatable flotation device
Tank volume: 2.8-24m³
Processing capacity: 0.4-20 m³/min
Scope of application: Select non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, etc., and can also be used for rough selection and selection of ferrous metals and non-metals.

The BS-K inflatable flotation device, also known as inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine, has the same shape as the XCF/KYF flotation machine. Performance is good, the impeller section is conical, the stator path is radial, the wear is small, the service life is long, and the stirring force is strong.The U-shaped groove body reduces ore deposits at the bottom of the groove, the shaft components are light in structure, and the stator is installed on the groove body, which makes installation convenient. In comparison with the A type, the installed power is small, the energy saving factor is 50%, the air bubbles are evenly dispersed, the air dispersion is good, the foam is stable, the mineral particles are well suspended, and the recovery rate is high.

Working Principle:
As the impeller rotates, pulp from around the bottom of the tank is sucked into the blades of the impeller from the lower end of the impeller.
At the same time, the low-pressure air fed by the blower enters the hollow shaft and the air distributor of the impeller cavity. After the pulp and the air are fully mixed between the blades, they are pushed out obliquely upward from the periphery of the upper half of the impeller, and enter the entire tank after being stabilized and oriented by the stator. The bubbles rise to the foam stabilization zone, and after the enrichment process, the foam overflows from the overflow weir and enters the foam tank. Another part of the pulp flows to the lower part of the impeller, and is stirred by the impeller to form mineralized bubbles again. The remaining pulp flows to the next tank until it becomes tailings.Flowing to the lower portion of the impeller, another part of the pulp is stirred into mineralized bubbles once again. The remaining pulp flows to the next tank and becomes tailings.

Flotation is almost independent of mineral density in terms of the ups and downs of minerals. Chalcopyrite and quartz, for example, have densities of 4.2 for the former and 2.68 for the latter. Although chalcopyrite is a heavy mineral, it floats easily, as opposed to quartz, which sinks. The floatability of minerals is correlated with the affinity of water multi-tank flotation machines. Floating minerals that have a high affinity for water and are easily wetted by water are difficult to adhere to the bubbles. Minerals that have little affinity for water and are not easily wetted by water tend to float.

ModelVolume of Tank(m³)Rotating Speed of Rotor(r/min)Wind Pressure(Mpa)Handing Capacity(m³/min)Motor Power(kw)Inner Dimension(mm)Weight of Single Tank(kg)
BS-K44.0210 0.5-4Y160L-8/7.51850*1850*15502568
BS-K88.0180 1.0-8.0Y180L-6/152350*2350*19504460
BS-K1616.0160 2.0-15.0Y250M-8/302800*2800*24009231
BS-K2424.0154 7-20Y280S-8/373200*3200*280011107

The BS-K type inflatable flotation device is characterized by its reasonable structure and outstanding performance. On the frame side is attached the main shaft. Lightweight and easy to install, it features a U-shaped groove body, which contributes to less tailings deposition, a small impeller diameter, a low peripheral speed, and low energy consumption. High flotation index, light wear of wearing parts, low consumption, 30-50% energy savings during operation, good air dispersion, uniform bubble dispersion, stable foam, solid particles can be fully suspended, not easily sinking, good slurry gas mixing, low consumption, low energy consumption during operation.

Instructions for use
1. Additionally, the number of models ordered must also be indicated, and the following contents must be provided:
①Configuration scheme and feeding method ②The number and transmission mode of scraper drive (right drive, left drive) ③The quantity of ore feeding box, middle box and raw ore box.
2. Factory-installed motor starting devices do not exist.
3. The gate is produced according to the manufacturer’s drawings, and the large-scale flotation machine adopts the motor gate.

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