Hydraulic vibration gold washing plant

Each hydraulic vibration gold recovery machine is a complete, portable gold picker.
The hydraulic vibration screening part can screen 70cm stones for the feed.
A hydraulic transmission system can reduce fuel consumption and reduce mechanical loss.


Name: hydraulic vibrating plant, hydraulic vibration gold washing plant
Specification and model: 25, 50, 80
Feeding particle size: ≤ 300-350mm
Production capacity: 5-20tph / 30-50tph / 60-100tph
Applicable site: suitable for rivers without roads, mountains, canyons and sand gold mining areas without power supplies.

3 Advantages
1. Disassembling the entire machine, transporting it by humans, and disassembling and assembling it quickly is the design.
2. Low failure rate, stable operation, and simple operation.
3. The two-stage gold chute design and the new type of gold absorption blanket can recover coarse-grained and fine-grained monomer gold simultaneously.

Small vibrating gold concentrators are a portable and complete gold concentrator that is used for placer gold mining. The machine includes a water pump, a sluice, a diesel engine, a hopper, and a vibrating screen. In Africa, the machine is widely used to recover free gold from placer / alluvial deposits.

Working Principle:

70cm stones can be fed into the screening part and screened. The screening process begins when the raw materials are poured onto the screen strip. After the crushed stones are washed with high-pressure water, the stones are discharged from the rear. Those with a smaller particle size are separated by the second sieve layer. Separation and enrichment of gold occurs after secondary screening, when the sand water mixture is directed into three independent adjustable chutes. The chute can adjust the front and rear angles and balance the left and right through the hanger to adapt to different terrain and working conditions, ensuring good recovery rates. The gold separator is easy to clean. The lower gold separator pad can be easily removed and flushed.


With the hydraulic vibration, you can operate all kinds of river channels without roads, mountainous areas, valleys, and alluvial gold mining areas without electricity. As a result of the machine’s design, it can be disassembled, handled, disassembled, and assembled quickly, with stable performance, a low failure rate, and simplicity of operation. It is also mobile. It adopts a two-stage gold chute design and a gold absorption blanket to simultaneously recover coarse-grained and fine-grained monomer gold.

Diesel Engine power5.5KW/8.0HP7.7-11.0KW/10-15HP15-17.0KW/20-24HP
Oil Consumption23.55
Power outputHydraulic pressureHydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure
Vibration Frequency480-960 times/min480-960 times/min480-960 times/min
Feeding size<300mm<300mm<300mm
Screening size3-10mm/20-50mm3-10mm/20-50mm3-10mm/20-50mm
Water pumpKOOP-80KOOP-100KOOP-120
Water consumption30-50m³/h60-100m³/h120-180m³/h
Sluice box size2150*1000*2pcs2850*1350*2pcs3250*1500*2pcs
Working angle6°-12°6°-12°6°-12°
Feed density(%)25-4025-4025-40
Total Weight2.0ton2.5ton3.0ton
Movement modeTug/towTug/towTug/tow

There are three types of drive systems:
The first is an electric drive, which can be directly connected if there is electricity in the mining area.
The second is diesel engine, which is driven by a gasoline engine (optional). It only needs to be caused by filling diesel or gasoline
The third is hydraulic drive. There is no need for electricity. The system we use is directly driven by Eaton hydraulic motor without a belt or chain drive, which means that many transmission mechanisms are reduced. A hydraulic vibration transmission system can reduce fuel consumption and mechanical loss.

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