High quality stainless steel screen plate

Stainless steel screen panel are fine metal net form structural component for screening and filtration and are widely used in screening, dewatering and filtration in various industries.

Stainless Steel Screen Panel

1.Product Description

Stainless steel screen panel is a metal mesh structure element used in screening filter. Widely applied in many industry in the screening and filtration dehydration, desliming, etc. It has high intensity, stiffness and bearing capacity can be made into various shapes, rigid filter device. The high open area of the Wedge Wire screen provides excellent capacity. Wedge Wire screen offers continuous slot openings that widen inwardly so that particles tend to pass.


Applications for wedge wire screen panels include cross flow sieves, vibrating screen decking, mineral processing, surface water intake screens, fish diversion screen panels, hatchery screens, Architectural Decorative food processing, and flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying. Wedge wire screen panels can be constructed using “V “support rods Convex shape wire and Square support rods. Wedge wire screen panels can be designed to optimize the open area strength and wear life for each application.


  • Materials: stainless steel 304,316L, low carbon galvanized or as per your request.
  • Surface treatment: polishing, chroming。
  • Wire diameter: 1.5x2m, 2x3mm
  • Length: 0.5meters or as per your request
  • Width:as your request
  • Slot size: 1mm also designed as customers request.
  • Application water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.
  • Product structure: wedge wire screen, pipe , cap.screen panel

We can provide customized design according to our clients’ demands and also refine our products by our clients’ feedback.


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