High-Quality Polyurethane Screen Panels

Material: polyurethane
Application:mining, metallurgy, coal, coke, coal, petroleum,etc.

The polyurethane screen panel have many advantages such as high opening rate, light weight, good shock absorption, low noise and wear-resistance compared to other plates.

Introduction of the polyurethane screen panel

The polyurethane screen panel have many advantages such as high opening rate, light weight, good shock absorption, low noise and wear-resistance compared to other plates. The introduction of this product manufacturing technology filled a gap of domestic technology, the product quality is in the international leading level. The polyurethane screen panel features reasonable structure, convenient installation and advanced manufacturing technology. It has obvious advantage of price compared to other imported similar products, and it provides the best way of products’ localization for the domestic users of imported equipment.

The polyurethane screen panel is a macro-molecule elastic screen panel. It has excellent performance of wear-resistance, oil-resistance, hydrolysis-resistance, bacteria-resistance, aging-resistance.

This screen panel not only can significantly reduce the weight of equipment, reduce equipment cost and extend the service life, also can reduce the noise. It is widely used for washing and classification of vibrating screen in the industries such as mining, metallurgy, coal, coke, coal, petroleum,etc.

Features of Polyurethane Screen Panel

1.The service life of high wear-resistant polyurethane screen mesh is 3-10 times longer than wire mesh screen, it improves the working rate and increases the economic benefits.

2.Unique structure, proper elasticity and elastic force not only squeeze the blocked materials get through the sieve pore to be undersize or oversize product, but also make the fine material is unable to adhere because of the high frequency vibration of the sieve strip. This will significantly improve the screening efficiency.

3.Polyurethane screen mesh effectively absorb the impact and reduce noises, this improves working conditions significantly.

4.Transverse tension, light weight, good flexibility, convenient installation and disassembly, easy for transportation and storage.

Advantages of Polyurethane Screen Panle

1.Wear-resistance performance is 3-5 times than general rubber.

2.Wide hardness range.

3.Good properties of oil-resistance, corrosion-resistance, solvent-resistance.

4.High tensile Strength and tear strength.

5.Good elasticity and low deformation rate.

6.Good adhesion to metal.

Specification:Special specifications and hardness can be customized.

Plate:Thick * Width*Length=5-100mmx300mmx300mm / 500mmxx500mm / 1000mmx1000mm

Thick * Width * Length=1~10mmx300mm/500mm/1220mm x 2440mm

Our company can produce polyurethane screen panel, polyurethane round (square) bar screen panel, polyurethane skeleton screen panel, hooked screen mesh and liner plate.

New type polyurethane screen panel adopts the latest production technology, novel structure, convenient installation and disassembly, it is widely used in oil fields, mines, building materials, nuclear power, coal and many different fields.

Function And Characteristics

1.Excellent wear-resistance performance and long service life are 10 times of metal screen mesh, 3-5 times of general rubber slab, 2-3 times of stainless steel screen panel.

2.Cost of per ton ore is lower than metal screen mesh and screen panel.

3.Excellent performance of humidity-resistance and wear-resistance.

4.Reduce the noises which is 20 times lower than metal screen panel (mesh).

5.Good automatic cleaning performance and high screening efficiency because of the secondary vibration of polyurethane.


We can provide customized design according to our clients’ demands and also refine our products by our clients’ feedback.


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