High intensity magnetic separator


Name: strong magnetic dry separator, manganese ore magnetic separator, high intensity magnetic separator
Output: 15-25t/h
Material particle size: <0.8mm
Power supply voltage: 380V
Equipped with power: 3kw
Application: mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy.

A strong magnetic dry separator, also called a manganese ore magnetic separator, is primarily used for dry separation of weak magnetic minerals such as hematite, limonite, mirror iron ore, garnet ore, manganese ore, etc. Magnetic system of dry type strong magnetic separator is made of high-quality NdFeB material, with a high magnetic field strength (generally up to 16000 Gauss or higher), which has a very good effect on sorting weak magnetic materials.

1. Attractive appearance, stable and reliable performance.
2. High reliability and mature technology.
3. The dry separation effect of this equipment is excellent, and the equipment occupies a limited space.
4. Simple operation and easy maintenance.

Main functions and features:
1. A variety of magnetic mixed minerals with particle sizes of 0 * 2mm can be separated by this machine using primary magnetic roller iron removal and strong magnetic roller subsection separation, based on the feasibility of magnetic separation. According to the direction in which the magnetic products move and the Fed minerals selected, the machines are classified into downstream structures. It has a large processing capacity, a wide range of separation mineral sizes, and high separation precision.
It is suitable for the roughing and cleaning of medium and weak magnetic ores, The ore grade of this machine is concentrate and tailings.
2. This machine adopts the permanent magnet system multi-stage separation design, with stable operation and concentrate grade, which can ensure the same when the processing capacity is large.
3. This machine has compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low power consumption, and is very conducive to maintenance and overhaul.
4. The transmission principle of this machine is also very simple, the operation is convenient and simple, and the work efficiency is also very high. 5. This machine is integrated with high electrical control technology, which makes the production operation convenient and easy to understand, and reduces the labor intensity of the operator while improving the work efficiency.
6. The sorting hopper of the machine is equipped with an adjustable partition plate. The main body groove, guide groove and partition plate are made of high wear-resistant stainless steel, which can effectively ensure the service life of the machine and avoid the possibility of rust affecting the mineral grade; The separator plate can be flexibly adjusted and quickly fixed, which plays a great role in ensuring the quality of ore location in the production process.
7. The electromagnetic speed regulating motor is selected to provide power to ensure the service life of the motor and the mechanical transmission power; The ore dressing speed can be adjusted, and multi-stage ore dressing can be carried out.

ModelMagnetic field strength(GS)Feed particle size(mm)processing power(T/h)Feeder power(KW)monitor power(KW)

Working Principle:
Magnetic rollers are driven by speed-regulating motors, and the rotation speed of the roller is controlled by a speed-regulating table, which controls the output and grade of the concentrate produced by the magnetic separator. Through the conveyor belt, the ore particles are sent to the upper magnetic roller for sorting. Manganese ore grains are magnetic, so the strong magnetic field draws them to the magnetic roller, while the gangue minerals do not have magnetism, so the strong magnetism of the roller does not attract them. Whenever the magnetic roller rotates, the manganese ore particles are attracted to the roller, while the gangue particles are attracted to the front end of the roller. After it is thrown out in front of the ore separator (the grade of the concentrate can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of the ore separator), the manganese ore particles continue to be brought to the demagnetization zone by the magnetic roller and automatically fall into a selection hopper to be collected as concentrate. Due to the presence of some manganese ore particles with weaker magnetic properties in the gangue dropped by the upper magnetic roller, these particles will enter the lower magnetic roller to continue the magnetic separation process. After the gangue is discharged through the tailings port, the magnetic separation process is completed. Manganese ore can be graded better by discarding the gangue in raw manganese ore.

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