Gold ore thiourea beneficiation process

Gold ore thiourea beneficiation process

Thiourea method is a low toxicity gold extraction process used for extracting gold. It uses thiourea as a leaching agent and has many advantages, especially when dealing with gold containing raw materials that are difficult or cannot be processed by cyanide method.

Thiourea process flow

  • 1.Crushing and grinding:Similar to the cyanide method, the extracted gold ore is first crushed and ground to achieve appropriate fineness, facilitating contact and reaction between thiourea and gold ore.
  • 2.Thiourea leaching:Mix the crushed ore with thiourea solution and place it in the leaching tank for leaching. Thiourea can form stable complexes with gold, thereby dissolving gold in ores.
  • 3.leach solution treatment :The leached solution needs to be treated to recover gold and regenerate thiourea. This usually includes steps such as filtration, washing, and drying.
  • 4.Gold recovery:By chemical treatment, the gold in the leaching solution is dissociated from the thiourea complex to form a gold containing solution. Then, pure gold can be further extracted through electrowinning, substitution, or other methods.
  • 5.Thiourea regeneration:The recovered gold solution can be transferred from the solution to thiourea through chemical reactions such as oxidation and reduction, achieving the regeneration of thiourea.

Characteristics of Thiourea Process

  • Low toxicity:The thiourea used in the thiourea method has lower toxicity compared to cyanide agents, and poses less harm to the environment and operators.
  • fast:The formation rate of complexes between thiourea and gold is relatively fast, which accelerates the leaching rate of gold.
  • Low pollution:The wastewater and waste residue generated by the thiourea method contain less harmful substances and have a relatively small impact on the environment.
  • Reagents are easy to regenerate and recycle:Thiourea can be regenerated through chemical reactions, achieving the recycling of drugs and reducing costs.
  • Less affected by other metals:The thiourea method has less interference with other metals and can effectively extract gold from gold containing raw materials.
  • Thiourea method, as a low toxicity, fast, and environmentally friendly gold extraction process, is suitable for treating gold containing raw materials that are difficult or cannot be treated by cyanide method. It has high gold extraction efficiency and environmental protection performance, and is an important development direction in the field of gold extraction. However, the application of thiourea method still requires strict environmental and safety controls to ensure the sustainability and safety of the process

Typical beneficiation plant

Yunnan Natural Oxidized Gold Mine: The ore has a high degree of oxidation, high mud content, and high vein stone content. The specific process is as follows: