Gold ore mercury mixing cylinder

Gold mercury amalgam separator is used to treat gold-bearing heavy sand of placer gold mine and gravity concentrate of vein gold mine.

The recovery rate of gold extraction by mercury mixing cylinder can reach more than 98%. It is one of gold ore dressing equipment and gold ore purification equipment.


Name: amalgamation cylinder, amalgamation machine, gold amalgam, mercury mixing cylinder
Cylinder size: 420*600mm
Feeding particle size: ≤5mm
Feeding amount per time: 30-50kg
Application field: Widely used internal amalgamation equipment, used to process gold-bearing heavy sand in placer mines and selected gold concentrates in vein gold mines. It is high-efficiency internal gold amalgam equipment.
Uses: A kind of equipment used for gold or silver extraction by amalgamation in gold and silver mines.

As a kind of internal mercury mixing cylinder used in gold concentrators, the amalgamation cylinder (amalgamation machine) can reach about 90% recovery rates.
In gravity separation gold concentrates, most of the gold exists in a free state, but the surface of the gold particles is often polluted, and some gold is present in combination with other minerals or gangue. Gravity separation gold concentrate is treated with an amalgamation cylinder. The steel balls are often added to the cylinder, and the surface film of the gold particles is removed by grinding, the gold particles are dissociated from the conjoined body, and the heavy sand containing free gold particles with clean surfaces is treated.

When concentrate is used, a light amalgamation cylinder is generally used, and the amount of balls is small. Heavy-duty amalgamation cylinders are often used when dealing with heavy sand concentrates with high content of conjoined bodies and serious contamination on the surface of gold particles.

Themercury mixing cylinder is part of the internal amalgamation equipment based on the type of amalgamation. It is lined with rubber. As a result of the grinding action of the sphere, the surface of the gold particles are polluted and part of the dense film is broken, leading to forced amalgamation. Equipment amalgamation gold recovery rates are high.

Beautiful appearance and reliable performance.
Convenient and energy-efficient operation.
Reduces mercury consumption during gold extraction and amalgamation.

Product use:
Unlike manual operation, an amalgamation cylinder is a placer gold amalgamation equipment. Currently, gold is still purified by manual amalgamation in many remote and backward gold mining areas. Amalgamation is harmful to workers and the environment. Mercury is highly toxic and evaporates into the air, causing great harm. When mercury is evaporated into the air, it will be inhaled unconsciously. Further, the skin is directly in contact with mercury during the operation, and the potential harm is obvious! By the appearance of amalgamation cylinders, this problem is solved, labor is replaced, mechanical operation is realized, and the harm is greatly reduced.

ItemTechnical parameterunit
Rotary speed48R/min
Feeding size<5mm
Feeding capacity30-50kg
Motor power3kw

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