Four-Layer Arc plate Electric Separator


Name: four-layer arc plate electric separator
High voltage regulation: 0-30-60kv
Motor power: 1.5kw
Processing particle size: < 2mm-20mm
Weight: 1.5T
Main accessories: time relay, current relay, voltage regulator, temperature controller set, beneficiation drum, heating pipe, wool felt, electrode wire, high voltage cable, high voltage porcelain insulator, transformer.

As a basis for sorting under the action of electric field force and gravity, this machine uses the difference between the conductivity of minerals and the electrostatic force acting on these minerals. It can separate conductive minerals and non-conductive minerals to produce high-grade conductive ore concentrates and non-conductive ore concentrates, such as rutile, zircon, etc. It can be used with single-disc machines, double-disc machines, permanent magnet machines, electromagnetic machines, etc. As well as separating high phosphorus ore and refractory rutile, this machine is equipped with a 0-45000 volt high voltage generator.

Working Principle:
Arc plate Electric Separator has a two-row structure with four floors per row. Grounding arc slides (stainless steel) are installed on each floor. On the top, there is a high-voltage electrostatic plate (aluminum) in the shape of an arc (which is adjustable). Separation of materials is achieved by combining a high-voltage corona electric field and a high-voltage electrostatic field in a composite electric field based on the differences in conductivity of materials. Electrostatic attraction is strengthened to a conductor, while repulsion is strengthened to a non-conductor.
As soon as the metal and non-metallic mixture is selected, crushed, and ground, it is lowered from the feed funnel to the cylinder, where it is rotated to bring it into the corona electric field between the high-voltage electrode and the grounding electrode of the cylinder. Under the action of centrifugal force and self-gravity brought by the rotating cylinder, the particles with good conductivity break away from the cylinder electrode and fall into the receiving groove of the conductor particles once they are in contact with the grounding electrode.
The charge carried by non-metallic or non-conductive particles with weak conductivity is difficult to transfer when they contact the cylinder. Various charges are attracted by each other, adsorb to the cylinder surface, fall into the non-conductive particle receiving groove when the cylinder rotates, and are then brushed by the round roller brush.

1. The machine is equipped with chassis and it should be placed vertically when installed.
2. It should be grounded well. The ground line should be buried with angle iron or water pipe into a 2-3 meters wet underground place.
3. High-voltage cables should be in a plastic tube to prevent leakage.
4. Ore storage heating wire should be a 4.5 square millimeter cable. There are high and low-temperature switches in a control cabinet.

1. With a reasonable structure, advanced technology,
2. Convenient operation, complete protection,
3. High degree of automation, safety, and reliable, with better separating effect.
4. Separation of high accuracy, can make the 120 mesh mineral to 2 mm.
5. High degree of automation, to achieve the feeding, heating, speed adjustment, and high-pressure discharge, with high security.

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