Flotation process of barite fluorite type ore

Flotation process of barite fluorite type ore

The flotation process of barite fluorite type ore is a beneficiation method aimed at the characteristics of this type of ore, mainly achieving the separation of barite and fluorite through flotation.

Flotation process flow of barite fluorite type ore

1.Mixed flotation:First, the raw ore is mixed flotation to obtain a mixed concentrate of barite and fluorite. During this process, sulfide minerals such as pyrite, galena, and sphalerite are usually floated out together with barite and fluorite.

2.Separation of Barite and Fluorite:Two different separation schemes can be selected based on the order of the emergence of Barite and Fluorite:

  • Suppression of Barite Flotation of Fluorite:This scheme can obtain high-grade Barite concentrate and Fluorite concentrate. In this process, organic inhibitors (such as caustic starch, dextrin) and inorganic inhibitors (such as sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium fluorosilicate, water glass, aluminum salts, and iron salts) are used to suppress the flotation of barite, allowing fluorite to preferentially float out.
  • Suppression of fluorite flotation of barite:This scheme first obtains a barite concentrate, and then by adding fatty acid collectors and sodium silicate to the tailings, and conducting multiple (7-9 times) beneficiation to obtain fluorite concentrate. This method has a simple process, is easy to operate, and can obtain qualified barite concentrate, but the grade of fluorite is often not high.

In actual production, the process flow of suppressing barite with fluorite is usually adopted, using fatty acid flotation agents as fluorite collectors, combined with organic and inorganic inhibitors, to achieve effective separation of fluorite and barite.

Technological advantages

  • 1.Efficient Separation:Through flotation, effective separation of barite and fluorite can be achieved, improving the quality of concentrate.
  • 2.Flexible process design:Based on the specific characteristics of the ore, suitable separation schemes can be selected, and the type and dosage of reagents can be adjusted to adapt to different types of barite fluorite type ores.
  • 3.Improve resource utilization:Through the flotation process, the maximum recovery of barite and fluorite in ores can be achieved, improving resource utilization efficiency.
  • 4.Environmentally friendly:Compared with traditional flotation processes, this process reduces the use of chemical agents and has a smaller impact on the environment.
  • The flotation process of barite fluorite type ore achieves effective separation of barite and fluorite through precise reagent system and process design, with advantages such as efficient separation, flexible process design, improved resource utilization, and environmental friendliness.