Filter press with plate and frame

Using external vacuum power, your liquid is pumped away for filtration using a plate and frame filter.

As part of the zinc powder replacement process, it is widely used in the purification section of gold-leaching solutions.


Name: Plate and frame purification tank, Frame filter tank, filter press, cyanide equipment
Filtering area: 45-90 ㎡
Product advantages: no moving parts, convenient operation and maintenance.
Scope of application: it is widely used in the purification section of leaching precious liquid in the replacement process of gold and zinc powder.
Working principle
The filter press cloth is used as the filter medium to separate solids and liquids. Under the action of vacuum, the clear liquid penetrates the filter cloth, and the fine particles adhere to the filter cloth’s surface to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Plate and Frame Johkasou The plate and frame Johkasou produced by Jilin Prospecting is special equipment for the purification of precious liquid before the deoxidation of the precious liquid in the gold cyanide gold production process.
Frame purification tank function is to remove the suspended solid impurities such as mud in the precious liquid after solid-liquid separation, and obtain a pure liquid to improve the grade of the replaced gold mud, reduce the production cost of pyrometallurgical smelting, and create qualified high-grade gold. Favorable conditions.

This equipment is simple in structure, convenient to maintain, easy to operate, and can be alternately cleaned during operation, and has a long service life. The liquid collector of each filter piece of this equipment is directly connected with the deoxygenation tower, and the vacuum in the deoxygenation tower can be used to suck the purified precious liquid for deoxygenation.

ModelFiltration area (m2)Volume of cylinder(m³)Max filtration pressure(Mpa)weight (kg)
BKC-70709.04 3064
BKC-909011.78 3900
BKC-10010013.15 4317
BKC-14014018.62 5152