Dry separation process of quartz (silica) ore

Dry separation process of quartz (silica) ore

Silicone, also known as quartzite, mainly includes quartz sandstone, quartzite, vein quartz, etc; The mineral processing methods are generally divided into two types: dry method and wet method. Dry method causes severe dust pollution and rapid equipment wear, which has been basically phased out; Wet methods mainly include magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation, classification, and combined methods.

Dry separation of quartz (silica) ore is a process of crushing and separating quartz ore under dry conditions. This process mainly utilizes the physical properties of quartz ore, such as density, particle size, magnetism, etc., for sorting. The characteristics of dry processing are simple process, no need for chemicals, and environmentally friendly.

process flow

  • 1.Ore preparation:Crush the raw ore into smaller particles for the subsequent sorting process.
  • 2.Dry crushing:The crushed ore is further crushed through a dry crusher to improve the particle size uniformity of the ore.
  • 3.Gravity beneficiation:Using the principle of gravity separation, the quartz particles in the ore are separated from impurity particles. This can be achieved through equipment such as vibrating screens and wind sorting machines. Quartz particles, due to their high density, tend to settle downwards and separate from lightweight impurity particles.
  • 4.Magnetic Separation:For magnetic quartz ore, a magnetic separator can be used for magnetic separation to remove magnetic impurities.
  • 5.Electric Separation:Utilizing the difference in conductivity of quartz ore, quartz particles are separated from non-conductive impurity particles through an electric separator.
  • 6.Final product:High purity quartz ore products are obtained through steps such as re selection, magnetic separation, and electrical separation.

Technological advantages

  • 1.Simple process:The dry sorting process is relatively simple and does not require complex wet processing steps.
  • 2.No need for chemicals:During the dry sorting process, chemicals are not used, which reduces the impact on the environment and also lowers production costs.
  • 3.Energy saving and environmental protection:Dry sorting is carried out under dry conditions, saving water resources and reducing the pressure of wastewater treatment.
  • 4.Efficient sorting:Through methods such as gravity separation, magnetic separation, and electrical separation, impurities in quartz ore can be effectively removed, improving the purity of quartz products.
  • 5.Strong adaptability:The dry sorting process is suitable for quartz ores with different particle sizes and densities, and has good adaptability.
  • The dry separation process of quartz ore has the advantages of simple process, no need for reagents, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is an efficient and environmentally friendly quartz ore treatment method.