Dry Separation Ilmenite Permanent Magnetic Separator


The dry-type ilmenite permanent magnetic separator is a high-performance magnetic separation equipment used for sorting various magnetic and non-magnetic minerals. The magnetic source is made of rare earth NdFeB through polymerization, which ensures high magnetic field strength and low energy consumption.

Working Principle:

The machine has an upper and lower roller combination structure. The upper magnetic roller has a low magnetic field strength, which is used to separate strong magnetic minerals, while the lower roller has a strong magnetic field strength, used for the purification of weak magnetic minerals. The machine can achieve the purpose of magnetic separation of various magnetic and non-magnetic minerals at one time.


High magnetic field strength
Stable performance
Adjustable processing capacity
Wide applicability
Application Range: The dry-type ilmenite permanent magnetic separator is suitable for sorting and purifying a range of minerals including titanium ore, chromite, garnet, quartz, feldspar, manganese ore, rare earth ore, niobium tantalum ore, limonite, zircon, monazite, rutile, garnet, andalusite, and other excellent magnetic difference minerals.

Main Functions and Features:

Sorts magnetic mixed minerals with a grain size of 0-2mm;
Iron removal through a first-level magnetic roller;
Segmented separation design for sorting various magnetic mixed minerals;
Downstream structure with large processing capacity and high separation accuracy;
Permanent magnetic system multi-level sorting design;
Compact structure, small size, and light weight;
High efficiency with low power consumption;
Adjustable partition in sorting hopper for flexible adjustment and quick fixing;
Electromagnetic speed-regulating motor for power and speed adjustment.

In conclusion, the dry-type ilmenite permanent magnetic separator is a reliable and efficient equipment for sorting various minerals. With its stable performance, adjustable processing capacity, and wide applicability, it is widely used in the mining industry.

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