Desorption Electrolysis System CIL/CIP

Under the conditions of high temperature (150℃) and high pressure (0.5MPa), the desorption rate of the global desorption electrolysis system reaches more than 98%;
Desorption and electrolysis take place at the same temperature, so there is no need to exchange heat. Despite the fast operation, the power consumption is 0.25~0.5 of the conventional system;
Gold mud is of high quality, reverse electrolysis is not required, and extraction is simple.


Product name: Desorption Electrolysis System, Desorption electrolysis equipment complex, Desorption and Electrowinning System
Handling capacity: ≥3.5kg/t
Application: used for cyanidation to extract gold from gold-loaded carbon to extract fixed gold
Structure: An output shaft of the motor is connected to the outer magnetic cylinder, thereby forming a sealed whole between the pump and motor. The inner magnetic cylinder has an impeller attached to one end, the outer magnetic cylinder and the motor run synchronously, under the action of centrifugal force, the medium can circulate.

1. High temperature and high-pressure type:
Gold ore beneficiation equipment used for high-temperature and high-pressure desorption and electro-accumulation of gold-loaded carbon in order to extract gold mud; cyanidation is used to extract solid gold from the gold-loaded carbon.
Desorption electrolysis at high temperatures and pressures, process model Y13-150/200/250, desorption electrolysis temperature 150 °C, pressure 0.60MPa, desorption agent sodium hydroxide, working time 8-16 hours.
Under the conditions of high temperature (150℃) and high pressure (0.6MPA), the desorption rate reaches more than 98%.

①High efficiency;
②Low consumption;
③ Rapid desorption electrolysis system (about 12hrs).

2. Standard temperature and pressure type:
In cyanidation, gold is extracted from gold-loaded carbon by desorption and electrowinning at standard temperatures and pressure. A set of gold beneficiation equipment is used to remove gold mud from gold-loaded carbon by desorption and electrowinning.
Desorption electrolysis, normal temperature and normal pressure, CC13-150/200/250, desorption and electrolysis temperature 90-95 °C, normal pressure, desorbent sodium hydroxide and sodium cyanide working time 48-72 hours.

①Compared with high temperature and high pressure, the work efficiency is lower;
②More consumption items are required;
③About 40 hours/time desorption electrolysis system.

Working Principle:
To analyze the electrolysis system, we add activated carbon that adsorbs anions readily in the desorption system, so that AU(CN)2- is replaced to achieve gold desorption. Ionization is used to recover solid gold from the precious liquid obtained by desorption of gold-loaded carbon.
Electrolysis and desorption are the main parts of the process. Electrolysis of the precious liquid takes place in an electrolytic cell, while the desorption of the solvent takes place in a desorption tower. As a result of the desorption of solvent vapor after carbon, the precious liquid obtained is electrolyzed in a separate electrolyzer through a pipeline to yield crude gold, which is then purified to yield finished gold.

Desorption rate(%)Electrolysis Rate(%)Installed Capacity(kw)Desorption Temperature(℃)Electrolysis Volt(v)
Electrolysis Current(A)Capacity(kg/time)Electrolysis liquid flow(t/h)Weight(kg)External dimension(mm)

1. Temperatures for electrolysis and desorption are the same, there is no heat exchange, working speed is fast, and power consumption is 1/4*1/2 of conventional systems.
2. Non-toxic desorption compound reagents include a carbon activator that regenerates carbon, saving the cost of carbon regeneration by eliminating the need for fire-regeneration.
3. Contains no sodium cyanide and is low-cost and environmentally friendly.
4. Gold-mud that requires no reverse electrolysis, and is easy to extract;
5. Triple safety protection measures are included, namely, an intelligent system itself, automatic pressure limiting, a forced release mechanism, and a safety valve.

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