Water is used as the medium in a hydrocyclone separator to classify and separate mineral particles in a centrifugal force field with gravity acceleration of tens to hundreds of times.

Separation processes using hydrocyclones can be divided into grinding classification cyclones, ultra-fine classification cyclones, desliming cyclones, concentration cyclones, etc.


Name: Cyclone,Hydrocyclone
Model: various models
Material: Polyurethane/Steel
Features: high concentration, long life
Uses: classification, de-sanding and desilting, concentration, dehydration
Applicable occasions: mining, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and maintenance work.

Hydrocyclone in mineral processing is separate equipment using a centrifugal field, accelerates the settling of solid particles, and strengthens the effective separation process in the slurry, which is an on-motor type separation device composed of the upper barrel and lower cone. When the pulp comes into the cylinder from the feeding tube in involute or tangential or spiral manner, a strong centrifugal force field can make the process of its entirety separation finish speedily. You can obtain fine grain size product from the top of the overflow pipe overflow, and obtain a particle size crude product from the underflow port.

Advantages of hydrocyclone in mineral processing

1. Involute, tangent, spiral feeding method reduces the degree of turbulence generated by the sudden divergence, and make fluid have a smooth operation in the motion area of the cyclone, improving the separation performance of the cyclone.

2. Reasonable cone column length ratio and the overflow pipe insertion depth effectively improve the classification efficiency of cyclones.

3. Using a special overflow pipe structure and cone structure reduces the degree of “overflow with rough” and “underflow with fine”.

4. Complete overflow pipe and the bottom orifice size is conducive to on-site commissioning




Settling sand gate(mm)Cone angle(º)Max feeding size(mm)Feeding pressure




Separation size (um)Weight



1. Purpose
Hydrocyclone in mineral processing have commonly used classification equipment in industrial enterprises with beneficiation links. Hydrocyclones are mostly used for pulp classification, separation, concentration, and desliming in these enterprises. When the cyclone is used as classification equipment, it is mainly matched with the mill to form a grinding and classification system. In addition, hydrocyclones are mostly used for desliming in gravity concentration plants and dewatering in tailings treatment.
2. Application advantages
The application advantage of hydrocyclone is that it has no moving parts, so it has a simple structure and convenient use. Compared with other classification and separation equipment, the cyclone has higher classification efficiency, which can reach more than 80%, and the classification particle size of the cyclone is fine, which can meet the requirements of industrial production. In addition, the cyclone has low cost, less material consumption, and more economic value.
3. Precautions in cyclone adjustment:
① Any valve is not allowed to be in the half-open state, but only in the fully open or fully closed state.
② The above adjustment methods should be used in combination, and the adjustment method should be used alone as far as possible.
③ Try to open the cyclone diagonally.