Container Type Gold CIP/CIL Plant

1.low costs;
2.Flexible, and convenient transportation;
3.Any combination according to the customers demand;
4.Less installation period, saving construction costs and land area.

This is completely mini gold cyanide plant which suit for small scale miner with high gold recovery rate expectation.

This mini cip/cil plant is a pilot scale test which is best using and low investment cost. We guess you can get cost return within one month production.

For serious miner.It’s the best choice to max reduce your invest risk , and make you clearly before you built a large CIP/CIL processing plant also..

All machines including water systems and electric control system will be installed well in three containers before shipment;

1. Crushing&Grinding Container.

Which including jaw crusher, hammer crusher, ball mill, conveyor belt, hydro cyclones ,screen, classifier, mercury plate to extract gold in amalagamation and so on.

2.Gold Leaching Container.

We will get gold max extraction in this container. Thickener for adjusting the ore pulp , mixed with chemical agent in mixing tank, pumped the ore pulp to leaching tanks for leaching, Carbon is loaded in the carbon lifter in the leaching tanks to adsorb gold.

3. Container is for Gold Smelting.

After the carbon is saturated with gold, take out the carbon lifter for desorption electrolytic, separating gold from carbon. Then, we get the gold mud for smelting. At last, we get the gold ingot.

You can operate all machines into production directly when open containers.

From gold ore to gold ingot evolution, we will complete the transition in this 10TPD Mobile Gold CIL Plant.



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