Beneficiation Process Of Semi-Finished Sand-Tin Mine In Nigeria

We received customer information in the middle of May, he was going to build a production line of sand tin on the Jos Plateau in Nigeria.

In view of our engineers have conducted inspections on the Jos Plateau, and we have done many tin mine projects in Jos, Nasarawa and other places in Nigeria. We quickly gave the tin ore beneficiation process according to the processing volume requested by the customer: drum screen, jig, shaker, double-roller magnetic separator, three-disk electromagnetic separator. However, after further communication and the mineral pictures sent by the customer, we found that the mineral is not the original ore. After confirming that the customer bought the mine on the Jos Plateau in Nigeria. His mine was bought back by the local people’s hand-washing mine, that is to say, it was not a mined raw mine, and it was a semi-finished product.

According to the new news-semi-finished sand tin ore, and the amount of minerals that the customer can buy every day (1 ton per day), we re-recommend the equipment to the customer: two shakers, one twin-roller magnetic separator, one three Disk electromagnetic separator.Because the purchased minerals have been washed away most of the stones, sand, mud, etc., we no longer need to sieve, and rough sort, select directly with a shaker, go through a two-roller magnetic separator and three-plate electromagnetic separator By removing iron, tantalum and niobium and other minerals, high-quality tin concentrate (over 70%) can be obtained.

This scheme provides reasonable, simple and effective beneficiation methods for specific mineral types, saving the customer’s investment costs.

Before giving the customer’s mineral processing plan, it is important to know the specific information of the minerals, which will affect the selection of the appropriate equipment, investment, and final results, so before we give the customer’s mineral processing design, we will know the customer’s The location of the mining area (our engineers have visited the mining area in many places to understand the mineral characteristics of many places), the pictures and videos of the original mines, the full elemental analysis report, the mineral characteristics that the customers have to pay attention to, we also often recommend that the customers start Before the project, you can send us samples, do mineral processing experiments, in-depth understanding of mineral characteristics, and the problems that may be encountered in mineral processing, the experiment greatly reduces the various risks encountered in the project.

The above picture is the tin beneficiation case we have done.