Antimony ore flotation process

Antimony ore flotation process

There are more than ten types of antimony containing minerals with industrial utilization value, mainly including antimonite, antimonite, yellow antimony, red antimony, brittle sulfur lead antimony, antimony, etc. The commonly used beneficiation methods for antimony ore include manual beneficiation, gravity beneficiation, flotation, etc.

Flotation is one of the main methods for separating antimony minerals; The flotation method has a significant effect on the treatment of sulfide minerals such as antimony, but it is difficult to flotation antimony oxide.

Process Flow:

1.Mixed flotation process:

Simultaneously select antimony sulfide minerals, antimony oxide minerals, and other useful minerals co occurring without separate separation.

Typical beneficiation plant

Tajikistan Anzob mercury antimony ore beneficiation plant: The main metal minerals in the ore are antimonite, etc; Vein minerals include quartz, sericite, calcite, etc. The specific process is as follows:

2.Priority flotation:

Select the target minerals in the ore in order from the original ore, and obtain different concentrate products separately

Typical beneficiation plant:

South Africa’s Mochson Antimony Gold beneficiation plant: The metal minerals in the ore are mainly antimonite, antimonite, gold, etc; The main gangue minerals are quartz, mica, etc. The specific process is as follows: