3 Ton Per Day Extraction of Tin From Cassiterite

【Project Time】20th, Feb. 2018
【Capacity】3 tons per hour
【Raw ore】Tin

A Nigerian customer messaged us on WhatsApp and informed us of the status of his tin mine project in Nigeria and asked what method would be most suitable.
Our three-disk magnetic separator was the optimal solution we sent to our customers. Having presented the customer with equipment solutions, he chose the CM-3-500 model, which is highly adaptable, easy to install, operate, and maintain.

We are moving forward very smoothly with all of this (extraction of tin from cassiterite). Once the equipment had been shipped to Nigeria, our engineers came to the local area to personally install it for the customer. Now the equipment can function normally.

Three-reel belt electromagnetic magnetic separators are available in CP-500 and CP-600 models. Several metallic minerals with different magnetic properties can be selected, such as rutile, solitary, andalusite, sapphire, feldspar, quartz, etc., or the iron remover for non-metallic materials, or both, for dry separation of titanium ore, rare earth ore, tungsten tin ore, chromite, niobium tantalite, limonite, zircon, etc.

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