200 Ton Per Day Ta&Nb Ore Processing Plant in Sierra Leone

【Project Time】25th, Mar. 2019
【Raw ore】Tantalum Niobium ore
【Country】Sierra Leone
【Equipment】Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, vibration screen, belt conveyor, spiral chute, shaking table, etc.

As a result of the understanding that was reached, we also received geological reports and samples from a Ta&Nb Ore Processing Plant customer from Sierra Leone, who made a lot of preparations for the project and sent them to us. As a result of inspecting and analyzing the samples, we know that the raw ore is low grade, contains a complex mineral composition, has a high mineral density, is brittle, and is fragile.

Despite the fact that we have customized the preliminary Ta&Nb Ore Processing beneficiation technology, customers still have some doubts about the entire process and equipment procurement. Consequently, our engineers introduce the beneficiation process and the final recovery rate in detail to our customers during their visits to the factory in China.

Prior to returning to Sierra Leone, the client ordered a jaw crusher, hammer crusher, jig machine, shaking table, vibration screen, civil building materials, a water system, a power system, and a workshop.

In addition to completing the production within 20 days and arranging shipment, we also sent engineers to the ore. Our engineers have not only helped customers with infrastructure construction, but have also kept the project on track.

Please contact us for more information about this complete tantalum niobium ore beneficiation process.

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