15m3 Gold Ore Zinc Powder Displacement in Burundi

【Project Time】9th, Nov. 2019
【Raw ore】Gold ore
【Process 】Zinc Powder Displacement
【Recovery Rate】 95%

Zinc powder replacement devices are systems that extract gold from solutions by using zinc powder. A zinc powder displacement device is mainly used to obtain gold slime from gold ore with more silver. Once the liquid has been purified and deoxidized, add a zinc powder replacement device to obtain gold slime.

During a personal inspection of our zinc powder replacement system, our customers from Kazakhstan came to our factory to inspect it. Under the guidance of our engineers, the customer understood and recorded the relevant content, and is very satisfied with the equipment.

Located in Burundi, the zinc powder replacement device is in a container, it is a complete set of equipment, easy to move, and it reduces the oxidation of zinc powder during use. This improves the effect of zinc powder replacement. The machine is capable of replacing gold at a rate of 15m3 per hour.

Working Principle
The zinc powder replacement process is divided into three steps: purification of the precious liquid, deoxidation, and replacement filtration.

1. Purification principle of precious liquid: precious liquid containing gold often contains some suspended solids, which must be removed before replacement to avoid affecting the replacement effect and the quality of gold mud. Purification of your liquid is the process of removing suspended solids.

2. Deoxidation principle: the dissolved oxygen in your solution hinders the zinc replacement gold. The oxygen in your solution must be removed to ensure the smooth progress of zinc replacement gold.

3. Displacement filtration principle: it includes two operations: zinc powder addition and replacement. When zinc powder is fed into your solution, the displacement reaction begins, and the displacement equipment completes the final displacement and gold mud filtration.

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