100 Tons Gold Ore Pit Leaching Plant in Chennai, India

【Project Time】Feb, 2019
【Capacity】100 tons per time
【Grade】 4-7 ppm
【Chemicals】 Environmental protection agent

A long-term customer in India contacted us in Feb 2019 and informed us that he is engaged in a gold ore plant project. Since we have worked together multiple times, we have great confidence in each other. We then asked him to send us some gold ore samples for testing and analysis. Once we received and tested the sample, we developed a brief gold ore processing plant solution and sent an offer to the customer. We accepted the customer’s offer, but he still needs our assistance.

In a two-week period, our sales manager Joan and two senior engineers visited the project site and helped the customer work out a brief drawing including plant layout, equipment needed, and processing optimization. The final solution is a 100 tons gold ore pit leaching plant. As a result of a successful negotiation, the gold mine owner, our customer, and we have decided to work together on this project(pit leaching).

We received a 50% down payment from the customer before our team returned to China. After production finished, we invited our customer and engineers from the gold ore plant for quality inspection and operation training.

This equipment finally arrived at the gold ore plant in May 2019, and we arranged for two engineers to assist with the commissioning. Now that the gold ore pit leaching plant was running smoothly, the customer and the gold mine owner were very satisfied with our equipment, solution, and service.

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