1-3T/h Congo Dharam Tin Ore Separation Plant

【Project Time】31th, Jul.2018
【Capacity】1-3 tons per hour
【Raw ore】Tungsten-Tin

The mining of tungsten and tin ore in the Congo has been started by Earth to Sun Mining through the design institute and laboratory research, based on the characteristics of the ore: the specific gravity difference between tungsten, tin ore and waste rock is relatively large and the tungsten ore contains weak magnetism, while the tin ore has no magnetism, and finally decided to adopt gravity separation + magnetic separation.

Additionally, customers visited our factory and ordered equipment during the process. During our engineer’s explanation of the tungsten tin ore separation plant, he provided the following details:

Main equipment: Jaw crusher, double-roll crusher, jig machine, shaking table, three-disk magnetic separator, etc.


Each project is managed very strictly, and there is a person responsible from beginning to end, ensuring that the entire process proceeds smoothly.
In addition to ensuring technology, the design institute will reduce customer costs and select the best process by starting with engineering design, precision positioning technology, and its products.

Earth to Sun Mining strictly manages every project, and the whole process is followed up by a special person to ensure the smoothness of the whole process. If you want to know more information (such as products, parameters, specifications, and processing capacity, etc.), please contact us: