Mineral analysis technician, senior engineer in chemical analysis

Sheng Shanying

Graduation institution

Graduated from Luoyang Industrial College in 1995

Ms. Sheng Shanying is a mineral analysis technician and senior chemical analysis engineer hired by our company, who has made significant contributions in the fields of mineral analysis and compound detection. With rich experience and professional knowledge, we have played a crucial role in promoting mineral and compound detection and analysis technologies and methods.

Jinyuan Chenguang Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd
Senior Laboratory Engineer
Main job responsibilities:
Responsible for controlling instruments, equipment, and standard materials to ensure the stability of the laboratory system; Responsible for training new employees on theoretical knowledge and providing one-on-one on-site practical guidance to ensure the accuracy of data analysis.

Main achievements in employment:

  • Participated in the establishment of the laboratory of Jinyuan Chenguang Branch, provided training to relevant personnel, and carried out instrument and equipment debugging work;
  • Establish various element analysis methods in the laboratory, formulate enterprise standards, and write the Laboratory Quality Manual of Jinyuan Chenguang Company;

On the job job skills:

  • Main laboratory tests include dozens of elements such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, arsenic, sulfur, carbon, mercury, cadmium, antimony, cobalt, nickel, bismuth, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, silicon, fluorine, chlorine, as well as leaching experiments, phase analysis experiments, flotation experiments, etc;
  • Proficient in operating instruments such as atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, spectrophotometer, acid-base analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer, multi-element analyzer, etc.

Lingbao Yuxi Cement Factory
Laboratory Analysis Team Leader

Main job responsibilities:

  • Analyze the complete analysis of calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, titanium, silicon elements, as well as calcium fluoride and coal in the raw materials such as limestone, clay, iron powder, and fluorite entering the factory;
  • Responsible for preparing and calibrating all standard solutions related to analytical elements;

Main achievements in employment:

  • Participate in completing the international standard ISO9000 laboratory qualification certification work;
  • Participated in the national laboratory cement sample comprehensive analysis comparison and obtained a full qualification certificate.

Honors received

  • In 2012, won the “Individual Excellence Award” for laboratory workers in the first National Gold Industry Vocational Skills Competition (National Level Class II);
  • In 2015, won the first place in the 4th Workers’ Technical Laboratory Competition in Lingbao City;
  • In 2016, awarded the “May Day Labor Medal” certificate by the Sanmenxia City Labor Union;
  • Received the title of “Henan Province Technical Expert” in the 2021 Henan Gold Industry Skills Competition


Strong foundation Mineral Analysis - 20+ years
Physical and chemical properties of minerals - 15+ years
Collect mineral samples - 10 years
Mining and processing - 8 years

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