Senior Engineer and Chief Design Engineer in Mineral Processing

Liu Zhihua

Graduation institution

Graduated from Northeastern University in 2009

Mr. Liu Zhihua is an experienced senior mineral processing engineer and chief design engineer. He has professional knowledge and skills in mineral processing engineering, beneficiation process design, mining production and management. He constantly innovates in his work, has won multiple scientific and technological progress awards, and has accumulated rich design and research experience. As a team leader, he possesses excellent project management and team leadership skills.

Educational background

Mr. Liu Zhihua holds a professional degree in mineral processing engineering and has received systematic mineral processing education and training from well-known mining universities both domestically and internationally.

Work Experience

After graduation, Mr. Liu Zhihua was assigned to work at Wenyu Gold Mine in Henan Province, serving as a technician and manager of the selection plant, accumulating rich experience in mining production and management. He once served as the Chief Engineer for Mineral Processing of Copper Tungsten Molybdenum Lead Zinc Polymetallic Mines in Gansu Province, China, responsible for the design of mineral processing technology and operational management of the mines. In the field of low-grade and difficult to select iron ore recycling, Mr. Liu Zhihua has performed outstandingly, and personally led the Hanwang Group Aoniu Iron Mine 2 million tons/year renovation and expansion project, which has been rated as a national first-class green mine.

Technological Innovation and Honors

Mr. Liu Zhihua constantly innovates in his work and has won one first prize for scientific and technological progress from the Henan Gold Industry Bureau, demonstrating his professional abilities and contributions in the field of mineral processing.

Design and research experience

Since 2014, Mr. Liu Zhihua has been transferred to the Metallurgical Design and Research Institute of Qinling Gold Mine in Henan Province to engage in design and research work, accumulating rich experience in design and research.

Leadership skills

Mr. Liu Zhihua possesses excellent team leadership and project management skills, and is able to lead the team to complete complex design and construction tasks.


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