Senior Mining Engineer and Chief Engineer of Design Institute

Liu Wenlin

Expert information

Mr. Liu Wenlin is a senior mining engineer and also the chief engineer of the design institute. He has extensive experience in mining engineering, as well as professional knowledge and skills in the design, construction, and optimization of mineral processing production lines.

Graduated from the Golden College of Northeastern University in 1998

From 1998 to 2007, worked as a technician and engineer at Daliuhang Gold Mine in Penglai City, and participated in the 500t/d expansion project of the beneficiation plant.

From 2007 to September 2013, I worked as an engineer and senior beneficiation engineer at Penglai Gold Smelter, participating in the technical transformation of gold concentrate cyanide and gold mud smelting processes. I won the second and third prizes for scientific and technological progress from the National Gold Bureau, respectively.

I have been working in the design of ore dressing plants at Yantai Oriental Metallurgical Design and Research Institute since October 2013. Over the past decade, I have designed nearly a hundred gold, silver, copper, lead zinc, iron, and non-metallic mines.

Professional background

Mr. Liu Wenlin holds a professional degree in mining engineering and has received systematic education and training in mining engineering from well-known mining universities both domestically and internationally. He has been working in relevant mining enterprises and design institutes for many years, accumulating rich practical experience.

Work Experience

Mr. Liu Wenlin has worked as a mining engineer in multiple mining companies, responsible for the design, construction, and operation management of mines. During his work at the design institute, he was responsible for the planning, design, and construction guidance of multiple large-scale beneficiation production lines, and has a deep understanding and practical experience in the design and implementation process of the entire production line.

Professional Skills

Mr. Liu Wenlin has professional knowledge and skills in mining process design, mine safety, mineral resource assessment, and ore dressing process optimization. He is familiar with the latest mining technologies and equipment, and can provide customers with innovative mining solutions.

Leadership skills

As the chief engineer of the design institute, Mr. Liu Wenlin possesses excellent team leadership and project management abilities, and is able to lead the team to complete complex design and construction tasks. Mr. Liu Wenlin is an experienced senior mining engineer with professional knowledge and skills in mining engineering, ore dressing production line design, construction, and optimization. He focuses on environmental protection and energy conservation, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical consulting and training services. As the chief engineer of the design institute, he possesses excellent leadership and project management abilities, and can lead the team to complete high-quality design and construction tasks.


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