Preliminary Discussion

Customers provide basic information of the mine, including reserves, content, scale plan, pictures, videos and expected goals.
We will help you to have a comprehensive understanding of the mineral processing. Including mine value, beneficiation process, equipment, recovery rate, and economic benefits that can be achieved.etc.

Experimental Study on Mineral Processing

Two Main Steps in Mineral Processing Test

①Sample analysis;
②Mineral processing test.

The Necessity of Mineral Processing Test

①The mineral processing value can be judged by experiments; And mine investment feasibility and economic value evaluation;
②Study the properties of minerals, determine the best and most suitable beneficiation process, and achieve the highest investment income ratio.

Advantages of Beneficiation Test

① Minimum construction costs;
② Minimize production costs;
③ Avoid unnecessary waste of human, material and others resources;
④ Maximum recovery rate; Reduce tailings loss;
⑤ It can reduce the overall investment of the processing plant.

Best Equipment Selection

① Ensure that the equipment model is accurate and the quality is good;
② Ensure the effective use of the equipment, maximize the expected results.

Note: some ore properties require different equipment to be customized.

Mine Site Investigation

  • It’s for Site selection and positioning purpose. and Further verify the accuracy of sampling to ensure that the samples are representative of mineral processing.
  • Select the location of the processing plant, calculate the position drop, and determine the final construction location of the processing plant;
  • During the design, the installation materials can be reduced according to the natural location of the processing plant to avoid save still material;

Research on Mineral Processing Technology

Based on the nature of the client’s ore, we provide customized research services for the beneficiation process, including process design for crushing, grinding, flotation, magnetic separation, and gravity separation

  • Analysis of ore properties:Firstly, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the ore, including mineral composition, particle size distribution, grade, hardness, humidity, and other factors, in order to better understand the characteristics of the ore and potential beneficiation difficulties.
  • Process flow design:Based on the analysis results of ore properties, we will design the most suitable beneficiation process flow for you. This may include single or combined processes such as crushing, grinding, flotation, magnetic separation, and gravity separation.
  • Equipment Selection:We will select the most suitable equipment for you according to the needs of the process flow. This includes crushers, grinders, flotation machines, magnetic separators, gravity separators, etc.
  • Parameter Optimization:We will optimize various parameters of the beneficiation process, such as the type and dosage of reagents, pH value, flotation speed, etc., through experiments and simulations to improve beneficiation efficiency and recovery rate.
  • Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation:When designing the beneficiation process, we will fully consider the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation, minimize the impact on the environment, and reduce production costs as much as possible.、
  • Technical Support and Training:We will provide comprehensive technical support and training to ensure that your beneficiation process can run smoothly and achieve the expected results.
  • Our goal is to provide the most suitable beneficiation process and equipment according to your needs and ore properties, in order to achieve efficient mineral extraction and maximum economic benefits.

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