We have a strong mineral processing technology research institute design background.

There are two most famous design and research institutes of mineral processing technology in China. We are one of them, Shaanxi metal mineral design and Research Institute.

All our designers are from the Institute. More than 20 years of experience in mineral processing design technology.

After the experiment, we will compile the feasibility plan for the construction of the concentrator, as well as the “concentrator process design report”.

Processing Plant Designing

1.Processing flowchart designing;
2.Equipment selection;
3.General layout;
4.Civil Engineering Foundation;
5.Water system;
6.Power system;
7.Pipeline design;
8.Workshop and dormitory;
9.Tailings treatment;
10.Operation management.

Equipment Manufacture

We has formed a complete and strict quality management system in equipment manufacturing, and strictly controls the production process.

At present, it can produce more than 20 sets large-scale processing equipments,with a production capacity of 10000TPD.The total plant covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a variety of large-scale mechanical processing equipment, smelting and casting equipment, professional mechanical manufacturing engineers, mineral processing engineers, professional equipment installation team.

Special Processing Equipment:

Ball mill: we can process the length less than 3.6m.
Rotary trommel/dryer: the length we can process is till to 12m.
The biggest model of spiral classifier:3m diameter, 18m length.
Flotation machine:50m³/tank
Leaching tank:8.5m diameter.
Thickener: the max diameter can be 32m.

Packaging and Shipping

We have more than 20 years of equipment export experience.
For large equipment export,
Whether from equipment packaging, transportation, export customs declaration, import customs clearance, loading, unloading. We have a lot of experience. Compared with inexperienced suppliers, our transportation cost can be saved by more than 30%.
On the premise of cost saving,we will also ensure the whole process safe.

Production line construction and optimization

To provide customers with comprehensive services from production line planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance, ensuring efficient, stable, and safe operation of the production line.

  • Production Line Planning:We will provide you with the most suitable production line planning based on your ore properties, production demand, investment budget, and other factors. This includes determining the appropriate type and quantity of equipment, process flow, layout design, etc.
  • Production Line Design:Based on production line planning, we will provide you with detailed design of various parts of the production line, including crushing system, grinding system, flotation system, magnetic separation system, gravity separation system, etc. We will also consider factors such as equipment selection, layout, and pipeline design to ensure the smoothness and efficiency of the production line.
  • Construction Support:We will provide detailed construction drawings and guidance to ensure the smooth progress of construction. We will also dispatch professional engineers to provide on-site guidance to ensure that the installation and commissioning of the production line meet the design requirements.
  • Operation and Maintenance:We not only provide construction services for production lines, but also comprehensive operation and maintenance services. We will provide operation training, equipment maintenance, process optimization and other services according to your needs to ensure the long-term stable and efficient operation of the production line.
  • Process Optimization:We will continuously optimize the beneficiation process according to the actual production situation, improve mineral extraction efficiency and recovery rate. We will also provide the latest technological updates and industry standards to help you maintain competitiveness.
  • Technical Support and Training:We will provide comprehensive technical support and training to ensure that your production team can proficiently operate the production line and solve any problems that may arise during daily operations.
  • Our goal is to provide comprehensive services from production line planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance, ensuring efficient, stable, and safe operation of the production line, and helping you achieve maximum economic benefits.

Other services