Factory Building Construction

Factory building construction include raw ore bin, crushing workshop, grinding floating workshop,concentrated ore filtering construction, smelting workshop, tailings pond, etc.

Facilities Construction

Facilities construction include water, electric, road construction, civil construction, equipment installation, laboratory construction, etc. Others are water treatment, agentia storage and configuration plant, warehouse, overhaul plant, high water pool, living area facilities construction, etc.

Equipment Installation

We will be responsible for the equipment installation, commissioning and trial operation of all equipment for a period of time. And we will train local workers, teach them how to operate whole plant, and understand the matters needing attention.Ensure the stable and smooth operation of the processing plant.


Design drawings → civil engineering → construction inspection → main equipment installation → platform installation → auxiliary equipment installation → non-standard parts installation → electrical equipment installation → pipeline installation → automatic installation → cable line installation → site commissioning → re inspection → operation.


All the equipment are checked strictly before delivery and guarantee the high-speed, shortcut, non damage. Whatever the stormy weather, deliver goods on time, don’t waster customers’ time.

【Equipment Commissioning】

Equipment commissioning means checking, running, empty running, test running with water to all equipment, cable line, piping and so on.

【Equipment Operation】

We will arrange the engineers to adjust the process until optimal process and solve the problem occurring when theory become to reality.

Environmental protection and energy-saving technology services

To address the environmental pollution and energy consumption issues in mineral processing, we provide environmental and energy-saving technical solutions, including wastewater treatment, exhaust gas treatment, and waste residue treatment.

  • Wastewater Treatment:The wastewater generated during the beneficiation process usually contains various harmful substances, and direct discharge can cause serious environmental pollution. Our wastewater treatment services include physical, chemical, and biological treatment technologies to remove pollutants such as solid waste, heavy metals, and organic matter from wastewater, enabling it to meet national discharge standards and even achieve recycling.
  • Waste gas treatment:The beneficiation plant may produce waste gas containing dust, harmful gases, etc. during the production process, causing air pollution. Our exhaust gas treatment services include filtration, washing, adsorption, incineration and other technologies to reduce the content of harmful substances in exhaust gas and protect air quality.
  • Waste residue treatment: The waste residue generated from mineral processing includes tailings, concentrate filter cakes, etc., which need to be properly treated to avoid environmental pollution. Our waste disposal services include technologies such as solidification, stabilization, and resource utilization, aiming to reduce the volume of waste, stabilize harmful substances, and convert waste into resources as much as possible.
  • Application of energy-saving technology:Energy consumption is an important cost factor in the mineral processing production process. Our energy-saving technology solutions include the use of efficient energy-saving equipment, design of energy management systems, optimization of process flow, etc., to reduce energy consumption and production costs.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Consulting Services:We provide comprehensive environmental impact assessment services to help you identify and evaluate the potential impact of mineral processing projects on the environment, and provide corresponding improvement suggestions. In addition, we also provide consultation on environmental regulations and standards to help you ensure that your production activities comply with relevant environmental requirements.
  • Technical Training and Support:We provide support services such as operation and maintenance training, technical updates, and equipment debugging to ensure that your team can effectively manage and operate environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology equipment, and improve production efficiency.
  • Through these services, our goal is to help mineral processing enterprises achieve green and low-carbon production processes, reduce environmental impact, and lower operating costs to achieve sustainable development.

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