Optimizing Mineral Processing: Tips for Selecting the Best Iron Separator

The iron remover is divided into a permanent magnet iron remover and an electromagnetic iron remover, and is generally used in conjunction with a belt conveyor or a feeder, and is sometimes connected to a pipe.
How to choose the best iron removal equipment according to different materials and different production environments? Join us to figure out the puzzle step by step.

What should you pay attention to when selecting irons?
1. The first, we should know the conveyor belt bandwidth, transfer speed, inclination angle; material humidity, particle size, thickness, iron content, ferromagnetic material property; operation condition (temperature, humidity, dust, corrosiveness, etc.), iron remover installation, space, etc.

2. When there is a high content of iron in the material, self-discharging type electromagnetic iron remover, self-discharging permanent magnet iron remover, or electromagnetic cylinder and permanent magnet cylinder should be selected.

3. When the material contains less iron, it can select manual type iron remover.

4. If there is a very small amount of ferromagnetic material, the metal detector and the strong magnetic self-unloading electric and permanent magnet iron remover are used together to achieve automatic monitoring and automatic iron removal, which has energy saving, long life and good iron removal efficiency.

5. When using suspended electric or permanent magnet iron remover, if the material is too thick, it can be used with non-magnetic idler to increase the removal rate, and the suspension height can be appropriately reduced to achieve the ideal iron removal effect.

6. When the dust, smoke, and dust are heavy, it is best to use a fully-sealed electromagnetic iron remover or permanent magnet iron remover.

7. When the material contains non-magnetic metal materials that can not be adsorbed by the iron remover, they should use metal detectors to detect the metal objects, and then remove the iron by hand when hearing the alarm.

8. If the processing plant is not using the conveyor belt but the chute, pipeline, chain plate machine, hoist and other equipment to transport the material, the pipeline type permanent magnet separator should be used.

9. For occasions with high iron removal requirements, if the required suspension height is greater than the rated suspension height, or the material thickness is greater than the rated thickness, the iron remover larger than this specification or multi-stage iron removal shall be used.

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