How To Reduce Mine Production Cost?

From the components of production cost, we can see that there are some costs that can not be reduced to some extent, such as employee wages, taxes, interest, etc.
What can we do to reduce production costs? Today, we mainly share three aspects:

1. Reduce the loss of spare parts

For mining equipment, the replacement of vulnerable parts is not a small expense. Replacement of wearing parts not only requires the cost of purchasing spare parts, but also includes the maintenance cost and the loss caused by shutdown. Therefore, improving the service life of vulnerable parts is an important way to reduce production costs.

2.Reduce power consumption

In the mine production, the electric charge also accounts for a large proportion in the total production cost. There are several ways to reduce power consumption:

(1) In addition to the control of active power consumption, it is also necessary to strictly control the installed capacity to avoid the phenomenon of “big horse pulling small car”.
(2) Reasonably arrange the number and capacity of transformers connected to the power grid at the same time.
(3) Adopt staggered peak production and power consumption section production in valley period.

3. Improve work efficiency

To improve the working efficiency of the equipment and produce more products in a unit time can also save the production cost to a certain extent.

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How To Reduce Mine Production Cost?
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