How To Choose Mobile Land Gold Rush Equipment?

The mobile gold rush cart is a kind of mobile gold rush equipment on the land. It has the characteristics of high equipment integration, strong integrity, large processing capacity, simple operation, reliable work, easy maintenance, and convenient movement.

Mobile gold panning vehicle process:

Mineral material is fed to the feeder by the loader (excavator), uniformly fed by the feeder to the washing tank, and washed by the high-pressure water gun of the washing tank together with the mineral material into the vibrating screen. When the size is less than 0.6cm, it enters the automatic washing machine. After the 0.6-1cm mineral material is cleaned in the classification sieve, it enters the equipment for selecting large particles of gold to select the large particles. After the mineral materials above 1cm are washed, they are discharged.

Mineral materials below 0.6cm enter the automatic washing machine. After the automatic washing machine removes mud water, light sand, and further selection, the heavy minerals are taken to the 6 gold selection machine by the automatic washing machine for final selection. . The entire equipment is equipped with a power distribution system that can be operated by one person.

Mobile gold rush cart:

Silo—grid screen—scrub bucket—roller screen feed inlet—drum screen—drive sprocket—sieve drum—tail support frame—chute and other parts.

The mobile gold panning vehicle adopts a wheeled chassis, which can be dragged by a tractor.

Mobile gold picker features: easy to move, large processing capacity, reliable performance, integrated design, simple and practical.

This equipment can be processed separately according to customer requirements, or equipped with agitating chute, fixed chute, centrifugal gold separator and other equipment to collect sand gold according to the type of raw ore and type of gold dust particles.

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