How Do You Use A Ball Mill Steel Ball?

Ball mill steel ball is the grinding material medium of ball mill equipment. It produces the grinding effect by the collision and friction between ball and material. In the working process of ball mill, whether the gradation of grinding steel balls is reasonable or not is related to the working efficiency of the equipment. Only by ensuring a certain proportion of various balls, can it be compatible with the size composition of the grinded material and achieve good grinding effect.

Basic Principles of Ball Gradation for Ball Mills

1. To deal with the ore with large hardness and coarse grain size, it is necessary to have a larger impact force and to load a larger size steel ball, that is, the harder the material is, the larger the diameter of the steel ball is.
2. The diameter of mill is bigger, the impact force is bigger, and the diameter of steel balls is smaller.
3. The spherical diameter of double-storey partition board should be smaller than that of single-storey partition board with the same discharge section.
4. Generally, the four-level distribution ball is big and small, and the middle ball is big, that is, “less at both ends and more in the middle”.

Consideration of Ball Ratio in Ball Mill

1. Equipment type, such as cylinder diameter and length;
2. Production requirements, i.e. user’s standard for grinding fineness of materials;
3. Material properties refer to the initial particle size, hardness and toughness of the ground material.
4. Size and size of specifications should be paid attention to, and large specifications should not be pursued blindly.

Steel Ball Adding Skills of Ball Mill

The steel ball ratio of ball mill should be judged according to the effective length of your mill, whether there is a roller press, the size of feed, what lining board and structure are used, the expected sieve fineness and scale, how many chromium balls are used, and how many rotational speeds are used. After the ball mill is installed, the big and small gears of the ball mill need to engage, and the processing capacity should be gradually increased. When the ball mill is running normally for two or three days, check the meshing condition of the big and small gears, and when everything is normal, open the manhole cover of the ball mill and add the remaining 20% steel ball for the second time.

Matters needing attention in gradation of ball mill
1. Reasonable friction between steel ball and steel ball, steel ball and ore, steel ball and lining plate of ball mill will increase wear and make big ball mill smaller and medium ball mill smaller. So normally, no more balls are needed.
2. In order to keep the filling ratio of ball load and the reasonable proportion of ball and keep the stable operation of ball mill, it is necessary to make up the ball reasonably to compensate the wear.
3. The weight of the steel ball is determined by the quality of the steel ball and the quality of the steel ball. New wear-resistant steel balls are used. The addition of steel balls with good quality is calculated according to the amount of ore per ton treated (i.e. 0.8_per ton of ore added). The general requirement for steel balls to treat one ton of ore is (1-1.2).

In a word, the ratio of steel balls in ball mill is a complicated technical problem. Every concentrator must carefully analyze its own actual situation, through long-term research and accumulation to find out the suitable ball loading ratio. In addition, the ratio of steel balls also includes the size and quantity of ball diameter. According to all the information to determine the ratio, we must do the right thing. One point more is not feasible, one point less is indispensable.



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How Do You Use A Ball Mill Steel Ball?
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